Lotus Heads can be used in numerous alchemy recipes and to accomplish commissions in Genshin Impact, so here’s how to get them!

For a variety of reasons, gamers will require a wide range of distinct types of resources. Specific materials, such as Dandelion Seeds, are required for character advancement. Lotus Heads are also a common commission component from the Adventurer’s Guild, so you will need a lot!

Lotus Head Location

  • In the waters of HuangGuang Stone Forest, far to the northwest of Liyue, you’ll find 10+ Lotus Heads.

  • Lotus Heads are typically seen in the Liyue region, in ponds and riverbeds. Luhua Pool, where they can be abundant, is one of the best sites!

  • Lotus Heads can also be found in the bodies of water across Liyue Region.
  • East of Qingce Village and Wuwang Hill is a fantastic Lotus Head farm spot. The route north of Stone Gate that ascends here crosses a river and leads to a few Lotus Heads. Remember to check out the area beneath the bridge, as well as the small pool to the southeast. You can pick up a few more while you’re in the neighborhood.


  • Lotus heads can also be obtained via expeditions if you don’t want to gather them by frequenting areas and collecting.
  • You can get up to 12 Lotus Heads by sending a character to Guili Plains and Dunyu Ruins.
  • Note: Use a persona who isn’t your main focus, particularly in battle. You won’t be able to use them while they’re on expeditions!

Adventurer’s Guild

  • When requested for a daily commission, passing in Lotus Heads to the Adventurer’s Guild is a simple and easy way to gain a lot of Adventure Rank EXP.
  • Like any other object in Genshin, the game informs gamers of the approximate area of Lotus Heads as well as an advised site for gathering a large number of them. Aside from that, some have identified that there are other areas where Lotus Heads can be found in abundance.
  • Collecting some now will save energy when these appear as commission requirements, allowing players to advance quickly through the Adventure Ranks!

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