The Genshin Impact Mysterious Voyage web episode is the latest browser-based mini-game where you can acquire Mora and Primogems and many other rewards. It’s fairly easy to learn, but there are a few bumps to be aware of. Learn all about this new event in this guide!

How To Join

  • You must be Adventure Rank 10 or higher to participate in the Mysterious Voyage web event, which runs from July 13 to July 20. To participate in the event, simply go to THIS LINK, sign in with your Genshin profile, and select “set sail” to begin the minigame.
  • Before you begin, there are several factors we need to address. To begin, if the website will not load and remains empty, try restarting, incognito mode, or use another browser.
  • Moreover, the site may sync you to the incorrect server by default. Simply ensure you’re on the appropriate server for your area by clicking “Switch accounts.”

Mysterious Voyage

  • To start Mysterious Voyage, all you must do is click or tap your way through the narrative, making decisions as you go!
  • The various options will lead you to various places, and your main objective is to discover as much of the map as possible. You can tap at will and just skim through the story and still be perfectly alright.
  • You’ll occasionally run into a typhoon or other calamity, where you must protect your vessel by clicking or tapping the on-screen circles. To win, you must tap at least the majority of the circles. It’s not overly difficult; simply click or tap quickly.

How To Refill Your Energy

You’ll deplete your energy every now and then; the gauge is located at the bottom of the window, so it’s easy to keep track of. Each defense task, for instance, will use 10 Energy, but revisiting a task will not.

Simply complete the Daily Tasks by tapping on the Energy gauge to replenish your energy. Every day at 12:00AM (Server Time), these are replenished. And, in terms of the fundamentals, that’s pretty much it!