Genshin Impact Paimon's Bargain Shop August 2021

Genshin Impact is one of the biggest games today and it isn’t going to stop being big anytime soon. Even after its biggest update last month, Genshin Impact doesn’t stop treating its fans. With the beginning of the new month, Paimon’s Bargain Shop has reset. This will give players some new items and characters to purchase. Here’s what we suggest you invest your resources in.

What to buy?

Just like all other months, you will be able to pick up two 4★ characters in the shop, Beidou, and Noelle this time. A Royal weapon set and free wishes are also included in this month’s Bargain Shops.  So, this is what you should invest in:

  • Invest in Noelle, as she can provide great shields and healing. If you are one constellation away from C6, you must go for the last Noelle constellation. After that, she’ll become a powerhouse that would be able to rival any main DPS in the game
  • You can also invest in Beidou as she is also very powerful. You will be able to get another constellation and the more constellations you pick up for their Beidou, the more powerful her Electro damage output will become.
  • Also do not forget to pick up your free Intertwined and Acquaint banner wishes from the Stardust shop. Most players look forward to resetting each month to claim these free wishes.

What Not to Buy?

The one thing that this month’s Paimon’s Bargain Shop includes, which is not worth buying is the Royal Weapon set. Starglitter is a very precious resource, and you definitely don’t want to waste it. So, we recommend that you don’t buy the royal weapon set as these weapons are far weaker than most weapon sets in the game. Instead, you should wait for the Blackcliff weapon set that will return next month.

Also, if you are buying your first Noelle or Beidou, it could be a waste of Starglitter. This is because these characters get stronger as you invest more but aren’t that useful on their base level. So, most of the things introduced this month are worth buying except the weapon set. Still, we’d request you to strategize and consider all your options before investing in anything.

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