Genshin Impact Passage of Cloud and Stars Daily Login Event, All Details

Genshin Impact 2.1 is here, and so are many new locations, characters, and weapons. With the Kokomi banner coming up next week, Genshin Impact fans seem to be content with miHoYo’s Genshin Impact anniversary celebration efforts. One such exciting thing which fans have been waiting for is the upcoming event called Passage of Cloud and Stars. That is exactly what we are going to talk about today, so let’s begin.

What is Passage of Clouds and Stars?

Remember how in version 1.3, an event called “May Fortune Find You” was held? It was a daily login event that gave players Intertwined Fates and other rewards simply for logging in. Well, brace yourself as another such daily login event is coming back to the game.

This daily login event will be called “Passage of Clouds and Stars.” In this event, fans will earn rewards for logging in to Genshin Impact. It is a very simple concept, which fans might be aware of if they play some other games like Call of Duty or PUBG.

Passage of Clouds and Stars Schedule

The event is almost here now with just 2 weeks left to go. To fully extract the benefit of the Passage of Clouds and Stars event, you will have to log in to the game for 7 consecutive days.

EVENT START September 28, 2021, 4:00AM
EVENT END End of Version 2.1
REQUIREMENTS Adventure Rank 5 or higher

Passage of Clouds and Stars Rewards

As mentioned above, you just need to log in for 7 continuous days, and you will receive one reward per day. It’s a very simple concept, so let’s just focus on what you will be getting. So here are the rewards as per the login schedule:

1st Day: Intertwined Fate x 1

2nd Day: Mora x 80000

3rd Day: Intertwined Fate x 2

4th Day: Mystic Enhancement Ore x 18

5th Day: Intertwined Fate x 2

6th Day: Hero’s Wit x8

7th Day: Intertwined Fate x 5

So, in total you can receive 10x Intertwined Fate, 80000 Mora, 18x Mystic Ore, and 8x Hero’s Wit if you log in every day for 7 days. There is only one criterion that you’ll need to fulfill in order to receive all these rewards. You will need to be at Adventure Rank 5 or higher, according to the leaks.

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