Baal from Genshin Impact, known as the God of Eternity and the Raiden Shogun is a powerful character. As the current Electro Archon, she presides over Inazuma. So let’s talk about what ascension materials you need to collect to maximize this powerful Archon!

  • Her release is coming soon, so start preparing to bring her powerful Electro skills to your group. There are a lot of materials required to bring Baal to level 90, many of which are not available yet.
  • Baal’s ascension will require Handguards that can be farmed from the Nobushi all over Inazuma, and Vajrada Amethyst Gems that can be found at Electro Hypostasis and Tenkumo Fruit that grows in the Serai Island.
  • Storm Beads that will be dropped by a new boss, Thunder Manifestation, will also be required, but will only be available after the 2.1 update.

The complete list of items needed to ascend the Raiden Shogun to level 90 is as follows:
(1x) Vajrada Amethyst Sliver (9x)Vajrada Amethyst Fragment (9x) Vajrada Amethyst Chunk
(6x) Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone (168x) Tenkumo Fruit (46x) Storm Beads
(18x) Old Handguards (30x) Kageuchi Handguards (36x) Famed Handguards

Baal will be arriving with the 4-star Electro Bow character Kujou Sara. This gives the first banner some incentive for players who need mighty Electro characters. Leaks have also revealed Baal’s gameplay, where we can see that the animations suit her character’s status as an Archon, showing her control over the Electro element.

To discover all that Raiden Shogun will bring with her debut, get your Primos ready! One thing is for sure, it’s safe to say that fans will have something exciting in store!

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