Genshin Impact: Ray Fish Location, Where To Find

Genshin Impact 2.1 has brought the feature of fishing. There are many types of fish available in Genshin Impact and rays are the newest addition to it. Enkanomiya has a lot of new things which is yet to be discovered by the players. But for now, we can find two species of Rays in this new region. This article will help you to find the location and where exactly you can find and catch the Rays!

Types of Rays

  • As discussed above Rays are new species of fish in Genshin Impact 2.4. There are three types of Rays: Divda Ray, Formalo Ray, and floating Ray.
  • When Rays are young, the animal is called Divda Ray. Their skin has a golden color. Eventually, these creatures will grow and change their color to a deep purple.
  • The grown Divda Ray will then be called Formalo Ray. On the other hand, the Floating Ray is a special entity that can be found floating in the open world.

Serpent’s Bowels

The first and foremost fishing spot is The Serpent’s Heart. The fishing spot is in the middle of the grotto. To access it, simply use the Teleport Waypoint on the northwest of Enkanomiya, and then walk a little south until you find a small cave with some Sango Pearl clams around it. The fishing spot offers Divda Rays and Formalo Rays.

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Serpent’s Heart

The other two angling points are available in The Serpent’s Heart. So in order to find these places, players have to go a little below until they find another small cave.  There is a cave underneath that is full of water and monsters. Alongside, the cave has a small pond where players can fish. The fishing spot is located at the pool near the entrance.

Image courtesy of Sportskeeda

We hope that the above locations will help fishing enthusiasts in catching the Rays!

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