Genshin Impact: Sacrificial Offerings, All You Need To Know

Genshin Impact Sacrificial Offerings, All You Need To Know

Genshin Impact fans are aware of the “Sacred Sakura Cleaning Ritual” world quest, which is unlocked after “A Strange Story in Konda”. Sacrificial Offerings is the second part of the Sacred Sakura Cleaning Ritual quest and some gamers are facing difficultly in completing it. Fret not, as this guide would surely help you in completing the quest in a simple and easy manner.

Investigating the Shrine

Following the completion of A Strange Story in Konda, you will be given a mission to locate and explore an abandoned shrine in the northeastern part of Konda Village. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Head towards the northeast of Konda Village
  2. You’ll find a large fox statue which Paimon will comment on
  3. Find Mysterious Shadows around the area. You’ll find one hidden on a roof, partly obscured by a tree. You can find two other shadows on the path leading up to the main part of the shrine
  4. Interact with them and they’ll get teleported to another nearby location
  5. Find them again and repeat the process until all are gathered near the fox statues in the center of the area
  6. When you get it right, a chest an item will spawn

Using Memento Lens

To move further with the quest you’ll require a Memento lens and to obtain it and move forward, just follow the given steps:

  1. After you pick up the item from the shrine, head towards Grand Narukami Shrine near Mt. Yougou
  2. Locate the shrine maiden and she’ll hand over the Memento Lens.
  3. Head back to the abandoned shrine and head towards the Earth Kitsune statuettes, with glowing purple eyes and markings
  4. Equip the Memento Lens and aim it at one of the statuettes and a message will appear
  5. Pay attention to what Paimon says as she’ll tell you what you need to do next
  6. Head back to the Sky Kitsune Statue and select “In the name of Narukami’s envoy,” “And of the Hakushin bloodline,” and “Bring forth the fried tofu” in that order.

The Final Act

Once you enter the above-mentioned lines correctly, the statue will start glowing purple and you’ll be prompted to take the ward. Now you must destroy the barrier and here’s how:

  1. Head to the southern area of the big lake to locate a tunnel
  2. Once you’re inside the cave, you’ll see several shrines and must ‘purify’ one of them
  3. After that, a puzzle appears and each of the shrines will then have a glowing purple symbol floating above them which signifies a number.
  4. You need to look at the structure in the middle of the cave and take a good look at the glowing flower symbol located there.
  5. Each of the glowing white dots on the flower symbol will represent each of the shrines located in the cave. Make sure the shrine you activated only has one glowing symbol floating above it.
  6. Look for the white glowing line that links the dots on the flower pattern, to figure out numbers of other shrines.
  7. Locate the other shrines using this method. Interact with them till they have the required number of symbols floating above them. For example, the second shrine should have 2 symbols above it and so on.
  8. Basically, you need to assign 1 symbol to the shrine you purified. 2 symbols to the one ahead of it, and 3 symbols each to the remaining three shrines.
  9. After activating all 5 shrines with correct numbers, the hard part is over
  10. Now a Mysterious Samurai will spawn, and you’ll have to fight him.


Defeat the mini-boss and there you go; the quest is complete. The second part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual will be over, and the next part called “Cleansing Defilement” will begin.

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