Genshin Impact: Sakura Arborism Complete Quest Guide

The islands of Inazuma are filled with enigmas, riddles, riches, hazards, and new world missions for travelers. Sakura Arborism is one of the several global quests in the Inazuma area. In this post, we’ll walk you through how to complete this dangerous, yet rewarding journey.

To begin the quest, head over to an NPC named Miyuki. She is located on Kannazuka Island (near the Kujou Encampment).
  • The initial part of the task will require you to examine a treasure hoarding camp. Make your way there. Two treasure hoarders can be spotted near a dormant Electro Hypostasis in that area. Confront Hideaki, the last of the treasure hoarders, after defeating the others.
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  • You’ll be then tasked with clearing five Thunder Sakura trees of juvenile antics upon speaking to Miyuki. This phase of the mission is a little trickier. There are no waypoints or quest markers to help you locate the other thunder sakura trees. However, we’ve marked down the areas where you can find these trees.

Get zapped!

  • First, you must eliminate the constant lightning strikes from thunder sakura trees. If you come too close to the thunder sakura tree, you will be struck by lightning. It’s a wise move though, as you’ll need it to complete the task. ⚡
  • Locate 3 rings using your elemental vision and stand on top of them. Once the lightning begins to flash, get out of the way! The ring will then be destroyed by lightning. Afterward, reclaim the foreign object. The remaining four places also require a similar approach.
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Screengrab Courtesy of ZaFrostPet
Return to Miyuki when you’ve finished removing the 5 juvenile antics.
  • Head over to the designated area and beat the assaulting Fatui members. After the fight, come back to Miyuki and Hideaki. The Electro Hypostasis will now be activated.
  • Now all that’s left to do is defeat the boss and get your reward! For this Sakura Arborism quest, you’ll be given Adventurer’s EXP (500x), Primogems (60x), and Hero’s Wit (4x).
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