Genshin Impact: Sakura Blooms, Where To Farm Guide

Sakura Blooms are clumps of Sakura blossoms that are made of Sacred Sakura. They glide in the air because of the Electro energy contained within them. Gamers must uncover Inazuma and keep a watchful eye out for these translucent clusters to farm Sakura Blooms!


  • Narukami Island is covered in Sakura Blooms. Numerous blooms generate anywhere around Grand Narukami Shrine as well as the Sacred Sakura, to be more precise.
  • They grow back approximately 2 days (48H) after being collected, just like many other crops in the game.
  • To identify the precise spots of Sakura Blooms, you may use an interactive map. As indicated on the graph, Inazuma has a sum of 74 Sakura Blooms!


How To Get

  • Sakura Blooms cannot be collected simply by pressing a button. Before being collected, the pink, hovering petal clumps should be imbued with Electro!
  • When you come across a Sakura Bloom, the clump disperses, making it harder to see. The bloom will still be collectible as long as you recognize it. They can be attacked with an Electro strike or skill, then picked up just like every other object in Genshin.

What is it for?

  • Sakura Blooms can be used for a variety of purposes. Above all, Sakura Blooms are used to help gamers ascend Kamisato Ayaka, the latest Cryo character. To completely ascend her, you’ll need 168 blooms in a combined amount.
  • Sakura Blooms are also required for the preparation of Sakura Mochi, Sakura Tempura, Snow on the Hearth, and Tricolor Dango.

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