Genshin Impact: Sea Ganoderma, All Location, Best Spots

Patch 1.6 for Genshin’s Golden Apple Archipelago has brought in a slew of additional features. The island nations introduce new items for gamers to discover and gather in addition to a fresh boss, a new sailboat mechanic, and a completely fresh map to discover. The Sea Ganoderma would be one of those recent additions. The Sea Ganoderma is a sea plant that can only be found in the Golden Apple Archipelago as of writing. Here’s where you can discover it and its use!

Sea Ganoderma Location and Best Spots

  • Gamers will be able to obtain 57 total Sea Ganodermas if they execute a thorough farming session across the whole archipelago. Nevertheless, by effectively discovering the island and pulling them up as they go, gamers will be able to collect a reasonable amount.
  • They’re easily noticeable in shallow water because the plant is turquoise and glows like all other collectible territorial specialties! Through each main island in the continent, these can be identified sprouting out of the sand along the shoreline. They typically come in groups of two or three, and they grow back every 2 days.
  • The best spots will be the Twinning Isle and Pudding Isle. Alternatively, CLICK HERE to access the official interactive map and see all locations!

Where To Use

  • Because the entire region is set to vanish at the conclusion of Genshin 1.6, it will no longer be a plausible way to gather Sea Ganodermas.
  • During the Chinese Edition 1.5, Special Program speculated persona Yae Sakura mentioned that she gave Ganyu a bin of them to claim. As a result, it’s expected that the plant will be obtainable after 1.6 in the upcoming Inazuma continent.
  • If gamers wish to rank up the highly anticipated Kazuha to 90, they’ll need 168 of them in a combined amount. Presently, 3 full farming runs will provide enough for Kazuha to reach his maximum ascension tiers.
  • It’s unclear if the Sea Ganodermas will be used as an ascension component for any other up-and-coming characters. However, it’s a possibility! So start collecting now!

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