Genshin Impact: Seirai Stormchasers Warding Stones Puzzle Guide

Genshin Impact Seirai Stormchasers Warding Stones Puzzle Guide

Genshin Impact version 2.1 is here, and along with it come numerous new quests, materials, characters, and whatnot. Obviously, not everyone can do everything as easily as others and many players might face certain problems. One such issue might arise during the Serai Stormchasers Quest.

Fans know that the Seirai Island, which was added in the 2.1 update, is a constant breeding ground for storms. This quest helps you end those storms but not very easily. So without any further ado, let us break it down for you in this elaborate guide and as always, make gaming easy for you.

Here’s How It’s Done

To begin with the Serai Stormchasers Quest, you will need to track down explorers and talk to them. Only after completing the following steps, you’ll be able to get to the Warding Stones Puzzle.

  • Head to the Fort Hiraumi area to find the first adventurer. To find the second one, head back to the area near the Statue of the Seven.
  • After interacting with them, they will set you on a path to follow some cat prints on the ground.
  • Follow the soft green color prints to reach Neko the cat, who will ask you to fix the Shrine’s offering box.
  • To gather the materials head back to Koseki Village and talk to treasure hunters there. They will guide you to some supplies at their base.
  • Now head back toward Fort Hiraumi, defeat all the Treasure Hunters there, search the boxes, and gather the material.
  • Now head to Neko the cat again, and fix the offering box
  • Return to Eiko and Taisuke as you’ll now be able to solve the Warding Stone puzzles and end the thunderstorms.

Warding Stone Puzzle 1

To solve the Warding Stone Puzzle, touch the three Paper Charms for each puzzle that you encounter. After that, you will need to rotate the top and bottom stones till you match the symbols and they glow. For the first Warding Stone Puzzle:

  • Head to Koseki Village
  • There will be three poles with paper charms on them around the stone
  • Rotate the bottom layer twice to solve it.

Warding Stone Puzzle 2

Now head to the second Warding Stone marked on your map to the east of Amakumo Peak. You will find two of the poles near the Warding Stone, but the other is a little further west.

  • Use a nearby Electrogranum to fly up to one of the new Electro portals and get to a floating stone with the Pole on it
  • Touch it and head back to the Warding stone and keep spinning the top layer till you hit the right combination

Warding Stone Puzzle 3

Now head to the next waypoint where you will need to climb up to the top of a cliff. Then walk over to the energy gate and speak with the adventurers. Now the following steps are a bit tricky, so read them carefully:

  • Line up the energy gate to match the above so as to get into the large floating rocks
  • Hit the jump button to land on the rock and use the Electrogranum on the rock to climb further up
  • Follow the platforms to get to all the paper charm hangar and touch them. You will need to teleport between platforms to reach the second and third paper charm hangar.
  • Once you have touched all three, return to the first platform and solve the puzzle
  • Turn the bottom layer five times and the top layer three times to solves the third Warding Stone puzzle.

Warding Stone Puzzle 4

Near the third warding stone puzzle, you will spot an Electromagnum directly ahead on the new platform. Now keep following the path and you will see some broken platforms.

  • Keep walking along with them as they begin to reform.
  • Now take the last Electrogranum upwards to get to the fourth and final puzzle
  • Just like the rest of the puzzles, touch all the paper charm hangars,
  • Finally, rotate the top-level twice and the bottom level twice to finish this last puzzle.

A new boss called Thunder Manifestation will spawn, fight him, defeat him, and it’s done!

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