The Livestream for Genshin Impact Update 2.2 that is set to release on the 13th of October had caught our attention with quite a few things. One of the most interesting things among the announcements was the Shadow of the Ancients event.

In the event, players will have to partner with Hosseini, the Sumerian scholar is conducting a dangerous experiment. The ultimate aim of this experiment is to understand and degrade the regenerative abilities of a mechanical monster Ruin Grader. Ruin Grader’s regenerative capacity is said to be at an amazing level, and it is up to the player to circumvent it and defeat Ruin Grader in combat at the final stage of the event.

  • The first part of the event is the Investigative Surveys. This is where players will join Hosseini in researching Ruin Grader. The ways in which its regenerative powers can be disabled.
  • Players will explore areas of Teyvat, looking for vital Components that are required to repair Pursina’s Spikes, an important ancient device that is crucial to the mission.
  • In order to locate the Spikes, players will be given Ayehsa’s Chaos Prospector. The Prospector will point toward the components. Once players get close enough, it will reveal the exact location of the component.
  • In the second step, players will test the components and make sure that they work well. The Pursina’s Spikes can be charged by using the Electro damage on them. The fully charged Spikes will be used to defend against monsters from nearby.
  • Each attack from monsters will reduce the charge available in the Spikes, and letting the charge fall to zero signifies failure, and the mission will have to be restarted.

  • When all the required components have been collected and Spikes charged after the second stage, players will move to the final stage where they will face Ruin Grader. The monster will be in its inactive state when this stage starts.
  • A time limit will be present, within which players will have to charge all the Spikes and then attack the monster with them. If players fail to charge all the Spikes within the time limit, they will have to face Ruin Grader head-on as it becomes activated and begins to fight the player.

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