If you’re searching for Silk Flower in Genshin Impact, you’re in luck because it’s one of the easiest materials to come by. If you know where to look, that is!

We will find this flower in some bushes. A decent quality of a reddish tone that calls quite the desire. It is rare that they are overlooked! Not only that but for every bush we find, we’ll receive two Silk Flowers.

Where to use silk flowers?

Once another region is released, Silk Flower may become more universally useful. As of writing though, they are mainly used for these character ascensions:

  • Xingchiu
  • Hu Tao

Where to find

If you want to collect Silk Flower, you should go to Wangshu Inn and Liyue Village. Both are located in the shadow of Mount Tianheng. Don’t worry if this area isn’t yet opened up on your map; just keep playing the story, and you’ll be asked to travel south to Liyue at some point. Wangshu Inn is the first place where you can get them!

Check out the location spots below, shared by Reddit user DigitsGuide!

Liyue Village

We’ll find it in large quantities in the Yujing Terrace, a Liyue neighborhood with a large garden and several ponds. Teleport to the meeting point west of Liyue city (in the Tianheng Mountain Range) and jump in the direction of the city. From the air, the area with ponds is easily visible.

Wangshu Inn

The Wangshu Inn is the 2nd location where we can obtain a few Silk Flowers. Located south of the Domain of the “Hidden Palace of the Zhou Formula” (where artifacts for Pyro are given). It is that small town with an inn perched atop a massive tree with an elevator.

We’ll discover some bushes if we go down to the lower part. Not only that but if you head north across the bridge, you’ll find a few more! You won’t have to travel far!

Qingce Village

You’ll find a small house with a girl named Bai if you head east (you’ll have to jump a small cliff). Ms. Bai offers 5 silk flower units for 1000 Moras each, which isn’t a lot. But it’ll suffice if you’ve already harvested everything else.

Sad to say, there are no more spots where we can find it, despite the fact that not many appear when compared to other objects of character ascension if it is true that we will get at least 2 flowers for each bush and if you catch them all, you will have enough. Keep in mind that the objects will reappear three days after you have picked them up.

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