Genshin Impact Skyward Pride

Genshin Impact, or any game for that matter, would be half as fun if there weren’t some cool and interesting artifacts or weapons in it. It’s so much fun to try out new weapons and upgrade them as you move forward. Today, we are going to talk about one such weapon in Genshin Impact which everyone wants to experience, i.e., Skyward Pride.

What is it?

Skyward Pride is a five-star rarity weapon in the form of an impressive blue sword. It is defined in the Genshin Impact lore as a claymore, that symbolizes the pride of Dvalin soaring through the skies. When swung, it emits a deep hum as the full force of Dvalin’s command of the sky and the wind is unleashed.

Its edge, false edge, and tip glow sky blue in color whereas its guard, hilt, and spine appear to be shining in rose gold color, which gives it a stunning and impressive look. Its base ATK is 674 and the energy rechargeability is 36.8%.


At the base level, the damage inflicted while using Skymore Pride is increased by 8%. Upon activating the elemental burst, the strikes deal physical damage of 80% to the opponents. The blade lasts for 20 seconds, which is equivalent to 8 times. For more detailed damage info read the following:

  • 1st Rank: damage is 8% with Physical Damage of 80%
  • 2nd Rank: damage is 10% with Physical Damage of 100%
  • 3rd Rank: damage is 12% with Physical Damage of 120%
  • 4th Rank: damage is 14% with Physical Damage of 140%
  • 5th Rank: damage is 16% with Physical Damage of 160%


What good is a weapon without upgrades?

First Ascension
  • Mora – 10,000
  • Materials – Boreal Wolf’s Milk Tooth x5, Dead Ley Line Branch x5, Slime Condensate x3
Second Ascension
  • Mora required – 20,000
  • Materials – Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth x5, Dead Ley Line Branch x18, Slime Condensate x 12
Third Ascension
  • Mora – 30,000
  • Materials – Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth x9, Dead Ley Line Branch x9, Slime Secretion x9
Fourth Ascension
  • Mora ­- 45,000
  • Materials – Boreal Wolf’s Broken Fang x5, Dead Ley Line Branch x18, Slime Secretions x14
Fifth Ascension
  • Mora – 55,000
  • Materials – Boreal Wolf’s Broken Fang x9, Dead Ley Line Leaves x14, Slime Concentrate x9
Sixth and Final Ascension
  • Mora required is 65,000
  • Materials – Dead Ley Line Leaves x27, Slime Concentrate x18. Boreal Wolf’s Broken Fang is not required.

You can get Skyward Pride from the wanderlust invocation and for the most part, it would prove to be a wonderful companion for your characters. Swing away!

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