Genshin Impact: Snapdragon Location; Where To Find

As Travelers journey across Teyvat, they come across various materials. One of these is the Snapdragon in Genshin Impact. In this guide, we will show you where to find Snapdragon in Genshin Impact.

What is Snapdragon in Genshin Impact?

Snapdragon is used as an Ingredient for cooking dishes in Genshin Impact. Moreover, the game’s official description describes it as a spice that can “bring wonderful flavor to dishes”.

Where to find Snapdragon in Genshin Impact

There are a total of 97 Snapdragon which can be farmed in Genshin Impact. This material grows near lakes and river banks. Additionally, it is only found in the areas of Liyue and Mondstadt.

With the use of the official Teyvat Interactive Map from HoYolab, Travelers can easily find the location of Snapdragon in Genshin Impact. See below for the locations of Snapdragon in both Mondstadt and Liyue.

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Snapdragon Location in Mondstadt

Location 1

Genshin Impact - Mondstadt Location

Travelers can go to Stormbearer Point first so they can have a route in collecting Snapdragons. Use the Teleport Waypoint located in Stormbearer Point and go left. Travelers get around five Snapdragon by making their way to where the Anemo Hypostasis is.

Afterward, they can use the Teleport Waypoint outside the City of Mondstadt to get an additional two Snapdragon. Then, they can just run along the river bank or use the Teleport Waypoint near Springvale.

Additionally, there are Snapdragons located behind the City of Mondstadt. Travelers should use the Teleport Waypoint south of Brightcrown Canyon and glide their way down to the Snapdragons shown above. After collecting the three Snapdragons, they can swim a short distance to collect two more Snapdragons northeast of Mondstadt.

Location 2

Genshin Impact - Location Mondstadt 1

Another location in Mondstadt for Snapdragon is around Windrise and Falcon Coast. To gather the Snapdragon in this area, use the Teleport Waypoint north of Falcon Coast and glide down to where the first three Snapdragon locations are in the picture above.

Then, make your way along the river bank until you find yourself at the large tree in Windrise. You will come across Snapdragon on your way there. Afterward, continue following the river bank for the other Snapdragon near the area.

Snapdragon Location in Liyue

Location 1

Genshin Impact - Snapdragon Location Liyue-Dragonspine

Before teleporting somewhere in the middle of Liyue, Travelers can use the Teleport Waypoint west of Wyrmrest Valley, near the Entombed City – Outskirts in Dragonspine. Then, they can just travel along the river bank to get around 5 Snapdragon from this location.

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Location 2

Genshin Impact - Snapdragon Location Liyue

There are many Snapdragon scattered around Liyue. There are some found near the Statue of Seven in Stone Gate. And if you make your way west, you can obtain more Snapdragon along the river bank.

But the area with the most Snapdragon in Liyue is just across the last Snapdragon you can farm southwest of Wuwang Hill. Travelers can use the Teleport Waypoint shown in the lower right of the image to easily access this area.

Location 3

Genshin Impact - Location Liyue 1

For the next locations of Snapdragon in Genshin Impact, Travelers can find them southeast of Mt. Aocang. To get to this area, Travelers can use the Teleport Waypoint near the Snapdragon location above before teleporting to the Waypoint in the middle of Qingyun Peak. From there, just head east and you can farm over six Snapdragon.

Location 4

Genshin Impact - Liyue 2

And for the last location, Snapdragon is scattered all over Guili Plains. However, there isn’t as much Snapdragon here compared to other locations. Nonetheless, it’s recommended that Travelers farm the Snapdragon in this area especially if they are running low on the material.

We hope this guide helped in showing where to find Snapdragon in Genshin Impact.

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