This Spiral Abyss cycle has the Blessing of the Abyssal Moon: Blade-Flourish Moon. This blessing encourages committing to a single, on-field DPS unit, while attacking as often as possible to stack normal, charged, and plunging attack bonuses. Remember, if a character leaves the field, they lose the stacks, which is up to 75% additional damage. So, you‘ll want to keep your main DPS unit on the field as long as possible.

Abyss Cycle Blessing

  • To best take advantage of this Abyss cycle’s blessing, characters who can output fast individual instances of normal, charging, or plunge attacks to quickly build stacks of extra damage are very useful. Bonus points if they are the main DPS who likes to stay on the field.

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  • Characters like Ayaka, Hu Tao, Raiden, and Childe already dominate the abyss cycles consistently. However, these teams often rely on their rotations to remain strong. You’ll need to balance their usual elemental rotations with extra on-field time for increased damage. Don’t be afraid to experiment with longer rotations and more single DPS usage if you find that your numbers are higher.


Floor 11 tasks you with defending the center dias with its percentage-based HP bar. Chamber 1 is against Ruin enemies and electro/pyro users, so bring strong, single-target damage characters and units who can take out electro shields. Chamber 2 is electro/pyro slimes and Oceanid water enemies, and Chamber 3 has dual element Kiraigi and a Thunder Manifestation.

  • Your first half team is going against almost entirely electro and pyro foes, so having an element to deal with those is crucial.
  • Your second-half team absolutely needs to handle electro, or it’ll falter in the third chamber, but also having some anti-hydro measures in place for Chamber 2 is important.  


Floor 12 is a knock-down, drag-out brawl, with Chamber 1 pitting you against a Perpetual Mechanical Array boss and a fire Abyss Lector with backup. Chamber 2 has a Primo Geovishap boss, and a water Abyss Herald. The final chamber contains two massive Ruin bosses, and the other side has a Maguu Kenki.

  • The first half all contains bosses with clear weak points and no elemental affinity, so bring your strongest single-target DPS unit that can attack weak points for extra damage.
  • Your second-half team needs to be able to handle both pyro and hydro enemies. As usual, floor 12 is full of strong boss enemies, so bring your best, and don’t be afraid to reset if needed to earn more stars and get the maximum amount of Primogems.

A good balance between getting that extra on-field time and using the required elements for each chamber is paramount for a successful Abyss run in this cycle. Use these tips to battle your way to a potential 36 star run this time around.

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