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The Bonkoku Enigma Quest will become available once you complete the first scene of the Three Realms Gateway Offering event. Near the first waypoint in the darkened Enkanomiya, you’ll find the NPC Yabe. Talk to him to start the quest. You’ll need to have the Bokuso Box for it to be available. He’ll direct you to a quest marker where you’ll find a lever. After following the directions, you’ll enter into a cutscene. Yabe will task you to find Stone Slates scattered in several locations in Enkanomiya.

There are three locations in Enkanomiya where you’ll find the stone slates.

The first is in the library, but you can only access this location after you’ve lighted three Electro totems. Once opened, you’ll find the slates near each other in the area. Look for the purple lines, and you’ll spot the slabs strewn around.

The second location is underground. It’s best to have at least level six in your Bokuso Box to combat the Corrosion there. To reach the area, you’ll need to solve two ice mirror puzzles. You’ll need to make the light hit two shining blocks in each puzzle.

The third location is in the underground ruins. You’ll have a marked area, and an electro Seelie will guide you to the entrance. Inside, you’ll spot the two stone slates by the floor.

Image Courtesy of MiHoYo

Arranging the Stone Slates

Once you have the stone slates, you’ll need to arrange them. The steps to do that are as follows:

  1. Middle left slate: move up
  2. Left bottom slate: move up
  3. Middle bottom slate: move left
  4. Right bottom slate: move left
  5. Middle right slate: move down
  6. Middle slate: move right

After completing the picture, a new location will open up. Enter it and find the ghost to get the final piece. Go back to the puzzle and place it to unlock a mechanism. Use it and enter the hole where you’ll find enemies you need to defeat. Afterward, talk to Koyanagi then Yabe to complete the quest.

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