The temptation to run directly to a new banner in Genshin Impact and spend all your wishes thirty seconds into a new character’s release is difficult to resist. This is especially true if you’ve been saving for them. New characters, such as the upcoming Shenhe in Genshin’s 2.4 version, are a huge draw for the game. It’s a compelling reason to blow everything you’ve got on the new units the moment they come out. I’m going to give you an equally compelling reason to avoid that idea entirely.

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Prior to a character’s release, like Shenhe, there aren’t a lot of opportunities, if any, for practical, in-game tests of their kit. This issue gives the average player very little information of what a character is actually capable of. Even if we have the basic information about a new unit, like their ascension abilities or their stats, the fact still stands that how well they play, how synergistic they are with other units, and their real performance only comes from testing.


  • A lot of testing, by a ton of other players. The first few days of Shenhe’s release will be full of this style of testing, and by the end of that short time, the majority of the player base will have a solid understanding of how Shenhe fits in with the rest of the cast, and how well she stacks up among them as well.
  • Power level is an important factor to consider when spending your scarce and valuable Primogems in Genshin. By spending them before an accurate representation of a character can be properly gathered, you might be using up a lot of valuable resources on a character that does not meet your expectations. 
Screengrab Courtesy of KAGUYA via Youtube

By resisting the urge to spend your hard-earned Primogems in the first few days, you are allowing some time to get to know whether or not this new character, like Shenhe, is right for you. If Shenhe turns out to be a strong unit that meets the needs of your team, you’ll know after a few days’ time. The limited character banner lasts for 3 weeks; that’s more than enough time to get a complete understanding of whether Shenhe is a good fit for you or not. 

Control the need to buy-in immediately. Wait for the testing to help inform you. You’ll be able to make an educated decision, rather than an impulsive one.

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