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Genshin Impact’s newest update introduces a handful of quests to the game. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete The Millennial Mountains world quest in the 2.6 version of Genshin Impact. However, this quest can only be accessed once you unlock The Chasm.

How to start The Millennial Mountains quest

Check your map to see if a blue exclamation mark appears near The Chasm’s Maw. Once you go to that area, you will find Wang. After talking to him, Wang will ask you to find six offerings.

Genshin Impact - Millennial Mountains

Talk to Wang again to get clues on where to find these offerings.

Genshin Impact - Wang

Offerings Locations

Helm of Warding

To get the Helm of Warding, proceed to the house north from where you talked to Wang. Once you’re there, look for the Seelie at the bottom of the house and guide it back to its Court. Further into the house, the Seelie will go down a hole.

Genshin Impact - Helm of Warding
Screengrab Courtesy of GameWith

Make your way to the room next door and use a Pyro character to set the hay on fire. After the hay burns, a hole will appear on the floor. Investigating this hole will reward you with the Helm of Warding.

Flower of Farsight

Genshin Impact - Flower of Farsight
Screengrab Courtesy of GameWith

For you to easily access this offering, teleport to the Statue of Seven and make your way to the location shown above. Once you come across Tang Wuchou, you will find the Flower of Farsight beside him.

Warrior’s Spear

Genshin Impact - Warrior's Spear
Screengrab Courtesy of GameWith

After you obtain the Warrior’s Spear, glide down to the location pictured above. The Warrior’s Spear is stuck in a rock.

Sundial of Ages

Genshin Impact - Sundial of Ages
Screengrab Courtesy of DualShockers

The nearest teleport waypoint to this offering is the one near The Surface. After teleporting there, go to the location pictured above and interact with the items on the table. One of these items will be the Sundial of Ages.


Genshin Impact - Skyfeather
Screengrab Courtesy of GameWith

Teleport using the waypoint near Glaze Peak. After doing that, climb up the mountain marked in the screengrab above until you’re at the peak. Once you’re up there, you will find a pillar sitting atop the mountain. Go near it and interact with the nest there. Afterward, you will get the Skyfeather.

Cup of Commons

The Cup of Commons is the most challenging offering to get for The Millennial Mountains quest. You have to go to Liyue first and talk to Lan, the adventurer who always gives the Unseen Razor commissions. After talking to her, you will get The Chasm Charters quest. Complete this quest to get the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering world quest. Make sure to finish this quest as well.

Genshin Impact - Cup of Commons
Screengrab Courtesy of GameWith

If you unlock the Undetected Infiltration, finish this quest and the chest that appears afterward contains the Cup of Commons. Stay tuned for our guide on how to unlock and complete Undetected Infiltration.

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