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The Chasm: Underground Mines contains a hidden World Quest called The Missing Miner. It is part of the Liyue Quest which you most likely cannot find. Let us guide you with all the details of the Genshin Impact: The Missing Miner Quest.

Genshin Impact: The Missing Miner Quest

The Missing Miners are quest-exclusive NPCs who appear in Act II of the Historia Antiqua Chapter. Their names are Long, Bold Cen, Brave Cen, and Mao. The absence of these five miners is a mystery that must be investigated throughout this Act.

The quest starts when you interact with a handbook inside a tree log in The Chasm Underground Mines. To access the area, these are the following requirements:

  • You need to Reach Adventure Rank 28.
  • The Archon Quest “Chapter I: Act III – A New Star Approaches” must be completed.
  • The World Quest “Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering” should be collected.

The Missing Miner: Quest Rewards

Completing The Missing Miner Quest will reward you with 30 Primogems, 3 Hero’s Wit, 250 Adventure EXP, and 30,000 Mora. The quest will also reward you with an achievement called “Not for Long-Term Consumption” which is a Wonders of the World achievement. This grants extra 5 Primogems.

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How to Complete

  • To start the quest, interact with the “Work Handbook” inside a tree log in the Underground Waterway. The nearest waypoint is The Chasm: Main Mining Area South Waypoint.

Tip: Equipping a Lumenstone Adjuvant will help illuminate the area. Although, you don’t really necessarily need it but is handy.

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  • From The Chasm: Main Mining Area South Waypoint, you have to cross the path with waters, and then jump and glide through the waypoint indicated. Then, you will find the handbook that will start the quest line.
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  • Once found, interact with the handbook. NPC Uncle will request you to collect star mushrooms. After the collection, a swarm of Floating Fungi might attack you. It is recommended that you have a CC or a shield on your team to help you deal with them.
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  • After collecting the star mushrooms, head to the Glowing Narrows Southeast Waypoint. Talk to Jinwu located west of the waypoint and above the platform. That should complete the Missing Miner Quest.

Note: Make sure Khedive is in the Camp before talking to Jinwu. Otherwise, the quest will finish prematurely.

Image Courtesy via On Game Youtube Channel
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You are now one step (if not the last quest) into completing the Liyue Quests! If you have any questions or you feel that we missed something, please feel free to let us know in the comments below. 

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