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The Moon-Bathed Deep World Quest continues in this installment. Tsuyuko, the Shrine Maiden, had previously asked the Traveler to assist her in retrieving the Key to the Moon-Bathed Deep. Tsuyuko is now ready to take the next step in opening Enkanomiya after enough “preparation.” Players must first complete The Still Water’s Flow World Quest in order to unlock Enkanomiya.

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The Still Water’s Flow Quest

You must accomplish multiple steps to complete this quest. Tsuyuko is near Sangonomiya Shrine. The Shrine Maiden will advise the Traveler that Enkanomiya’s opening ritual is almost complete. She asks players to take her to an altar, where she will need extra assistance for a few steps.

If Travelers speak with Tsuyuko near the altar, she will show them how to open the island’s seal. Three of her five devices have been unlocked, but the other two require assistance. Players must first find two Key Sigils, which are necessary to open the altars, in order to finish this task.

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Image Courtesy of Gaming with Abyss

Watatsumi’s Heart

  • One of the Key Sigils can be found in Watatsumi’s Heart. Although it appears to be in the middle of the sea, it is actually located in a small cave. There will be opponents throughout the area, but gamers can choose to ignore them.

The Fin of Watatsumi

  • The Fin of Watatsumi has the second Key Sigil. This one shouldn’t be as difficult to find as the first because it’s not hidden.
  • The two remaining altars must now be unlocked. Simply follow the markings on the map and the directions for this activity.
  • Return to Tsuyuko once the seals have been broken. The Shrine Maiden will continue to work on unlocking the Enkanomiya gateway. For this ritual, there will be a brief cutscene.


  • Players can now finally descend to Enkanomiya. Simply drop down to the whirlpool below to see a loading page. But keep in mind that if they don’t engage in gliding mode when the loading is complete, the group may “die” from falling damage.
  • Players must venture farther into the area for the final part of The Still Water’s Flow World Quest. After completing this job, another World Quest will appear, allowing Travelers to freely explore the strange realm of Enkanomiya.

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