Genshin Impact: Thoma Guide; Weapons, Artifacts, and More!

Thoma is a fan favorite among the growing roster of Genshin Impact. He’s one of the first characters you’ll encounter as you journey towards Inazuma. The Nation of Eternity citizen first became playable in version 2.2. There are a few options that stand out after experimentation and limit testing.

If you want to make Thoma an efficient member of your team, you’ll need to maximize his strengths. Here’s how you would go about building him.

Budget Weapons

As a pyro Polearm user, several options come to mind. If you’re building him on a budget, you can start by equipping him with the 3-star Black Tassel. It’s one of the strongest 3-star polearms in the game, increasing Thoma’s HP with each level which also enhances his damage.

If you want to upgrade his damage further, the 4-star The Catch will make his Elemental Burst Damage rise noticeably. You can get this polearm by exchanging fish at the Inazuma Fishing Association.

Best Weapons

The best weapons would be five stars, but these would only be available with banners. It’s an option to take if you want to invest in Thoma as one of your mains. The second best option would be Raiden Shogun’s signature Engulfing Lightning. It grants increased energy recharge and damage.

However, his best weapon would be Hu Tao’s signature Staff of Homa. It increases Thoma’s HP and also grants bonus damage based on health. Thoma’s abilities linked with his health make it the best option for maximizing his damage.

Image from Genshin Impact

Team Composition

Thoma’s shield and buffs make him excel in the support role. Powering him can increase your pyro reactions. Mixing him with a Pyro carry can help you deal lots of damage thanks to his buff to Pyro users

We recommend having an Anemo character in your party to take advantage of Swirl’s Pyro resistance reduction. Round it out with a hydro character for Vaporize and that handy alternate element. Here is a sample team you can use:

  1. Hu Tao
  2. Thoma
  3. Xingqiu
  4. Kazuha


One of the best sets for him is the Emblem of Severed Fate. It increases his energy recharge and elemental burst damage. It also grants bonus damage, depending on his energy recharge stat. An alternative is to use the two-set bonus and combine it with the Tenacity of Millileth for additional HP, which pumps his damage.

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