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Genshin Impact 2.5 will open with the new event Three Realm Gateway Offering, which will run until the next scheduled patch after March 30th. In this mission, Kokomi will ask for your help exploring the shrouded Enkanomiya. There is a possibility that completing this event will unlock the area once more. If you want to get a head start after patch deployment, you’ll need to complete the following missions:

  • Chapter 2: Act 2
  • Chapter 2: Act 3 (Archon Quest)
  • Erebos’ Secret
  • The Moon-Bathed Deep
  • The Still Water’s Flow

Completing the Event

Players will notice that Enkanomiya will be shrouded in darkness, and Corrosion spreads about. Some areas will have higher intensities of Corrosion which can drain party members’ HP and provide a negative status effect.

The Bokuso Box

To combat Corrosion, you have the Bokuso Box gadget, which you can use in combat and exploration. It will have a charge representing how much Corrosion it has absorbed. If it reaches zero, you’ll need to return to the statue to recharge it.

You’ll level the Bokuso Box up through acquiring Light Realm Sigils and offering those sigils to the map’s statue. You’ll find these sigils by doing the following:

  • Playing the Sentou Trial
  • Unlocking teleport waypoints
  • Opening chests
  • Completing exploration objectives
Image Courtesy of MiHoYo

Leveling up the box will give the party higher Corrosion resistance and will unlock more abilities.

It will also reward the players with various items. It will also be used for certain puzzles and have a new set of talents called The Bokuso Arts. Unlocking an Art requires Light Realm Cores, which you can get from luxurious chests.

After a certain level, the box will reward you with the 4-star Catalyst called Oathsworn Eye. Included with the rewards is its refinement material called Ointment of Sight.

Other Event-Specific Additions

Teleport Waypoints in Enkanomiya have a seal, and you need two items to unlock them. The Tokoyo Legumes and Aphotium Ore are materials you can find throughout the map. To acquire the ore, you’ll need to use the Bokuso Box to cleanse it.

  • You’ll also see the Coral Butterfly in Enkanomiya, and you can only catch them during the event. Later on, they will still be accessible through the Traveling Salesman.
  • The Call of Ice and Thunder will have three difficulty levels. The best approach is to aim for the Extreme difficulty first, as it will also complete the lower ones.
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