Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island Update, What We Know So Far

Update 2.2 is here! And there are a number of things to explore. miHoYo has revealed the contents of the new update, the banners, and events that can be expected with the new update. As part of this update, the Inazuma region has a new area being added, the Tsurumi Island. The Island is described on the official website as “An island that has been locked off by perpetual fog, where few people dare enter”.

When players enter this area, they will see that the entire area is covered with mist, and it begins to fog up the vision on-screen. A quest called “Through the Mists” will need players to move across the misty area to reach Tsurumi Island. However, the mist keeps building up and when the entire screen is filled with mist, players are teleported out of the area and will have to attempt to pass through the region again.

Stone Tablets

  • Getting through this mist is pretty easy once you know how to. Along the path, players will notice stone tablets. Some of these might already have lights, while others will not.
  • Players can use an electric attack to light up all the stone tablets, which will reduce the heavy mist that would otherwise continue to build on the screen. Once lit, stone tablets will not go off, and players can easily get across the area.
  • The quest also requires players to purchase items in the area. When players have successfully completed the quest, it will become easier to explore the rest of Tsurumi Island.

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