Genshin Impact: Top 10 Polearms

In this article, we will discuss our Top 10 Polearms in Genshin Impact. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment down below. Enjoy!

Polearms have been one of the most common weapons in Genshin Impact, despite being the least-used weapon at the start. In addition, every released polearm wielder is thought to be quite excellent from a meta standpoint. However, if you want to maximize a character’s potential, you must equip them with the appropriate weapon.

Genshin Impact: Top 10 Polearms



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Favonius Lance
  • With a base attack of 565 and a 30.6 percent bonus to Energy Recharge at full level, this weapon won’t hit heavily, but it will keep your burst ready to go.
  • Each critical strike has a 60% chance of generating 6 energy for the bearer. While it may not appear to be much, it can rapidly add up. This effect, however, requires the wielder to be on the field.

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Lithic Spear
  • This weapon gains strength for each character of your squad who is a Liyue native. Strongest among four-star polearms with a base attack of 565 and a 27.6% bonus to ATK at max level.
  • The wielder obtains a 7% ATK and a 3% crit rate bonus for each Liyue native in the party.
    • For the polearm to be worthwhile, you’ll need at least 2 stacks of the effect.

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  • With a base attack of 454 and a 36.8% increase to crit rate at max level, this weapon is already well-suited for Genshin, where crits are crucial to winning.
  • The ATK gain from its impact is even more significant. Your ATK is enhanced by 24% if there is only one foe present. If there’s more, you’ll get a 16 percent boost in ATK and DEF.
    • Excellent for surviving long enough to clear out the mobs before fighting the enemy’s boss.
    • This weapon is a wonderful choice for any DPS polearm user because its impact is always active and has impressive numbers.

Screengrab Courtesy of SMOKETHRONE Entertainment via YouTube
Dragon’s Bane
  • This weapon is all about using Elemental Triggers, especially Vaporize, with a base attack of 454 and a 221 bonus to Elemental Mastery at max level. It increases the effectiveness delivered to foes affected by Hydro/Pyro by 20%.
  • Hu Tao and Xiangling are both capable of constantly applying Pyro to the enemy and exploiting its effects. Xingqiu can use his skill/burst to consistently apply Hydro to the foe.
    • This allows the team to repeatedly build up Vaporize and benefit from the reaction’s multiplier.

Screengrab Courtesy of SMOKETHRONE Entertainment via YouTube
The Catch
  • You’re going to be fishing quite a bit. To get this weapon and all of its upgrades from the fishing shop in Inazuma, you’ll need a total of 20 Golden Koi, 20 Rusty Koi, and 18 Raimei Angelfish.
  • There is only one place where the Raimei Angelfish can be caught. At peak level, it has a 510 base attack and a 45.9% bonus to Energy Recharge.
    • It will deliver a 32 percent burst damage bonus and a 12 percent crit bonus to the wielder’s burst at maximum refinement.

Screengrab Courtesy of SMOKETHRONE Entertainment via YouTube
Skyward Spine
  • This weapon is one of the strongest basic ATK stats in the game, with a basic attack of 674 and a 36.8% bonus to Energy Recovery at max level.
  • This effect provides a permanent 8% increase in crit rate and a 12% increase in attack speed.
  • Furthermore, every 2 seconds, normal/charged strikes have a 50% probability of doing a minor AOE for 40% of the wielder’s ATK. You’ll be triggering the AOE almost instantly as it comes off cooldown.
    • Every DPS polearm user should consider this weapon. In terms of refining, each copy raises your crit rate by 2% and your AOE damage by 15% of your ATK.

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Vortex Vanquisher
  • This weapon already hits heavily, with a base attack of 608 and a 49.6% increase to ATK at the max level. Its impact amplifies this by raising the wielder’s ATK by 4% for 8 seconds every time you land an attack.
  • This perk stacks up to five times for the wielder, and the effect is doubled when a shield is active. Furthermore, the strength of your shield has been raised by 20%.
  • The shield strength effect is increased by 5% and the ramp-up ATK boost is increased by 1% with each duplicate.
    • At maximum refinement, your shield strength increases by 40%, and your ATK increases by 8% for every stack.

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Primordial Jade Winged Spear
  • It’s already one of the strongest striking weapons in the game, with a base attack of 674 and a 22.1 percent increase in crit rate. You receive a stack every time you hit an opponent, increasing your ATK by 3.2 percent.
  • You can have up to 7 stacks, with full stacks increasing your damage by 12%. Each duplicate raises the ATK boost of each stack by 0.7 percent and the damage buff from full stacks by 3%.
    • Each layer provides 6.0 percent ATK at max refinement, and entire stacks inflict 24 percent greater damage.

Screengrab Courtesy of SMOKETHRONE Entertainment via YouTube
Staff of Homa
  • This weapon is already powerful, with a base attack of 608 and a 66.2 percent increase in crit damage. You acquire an ATK bonus based on 0.8 percent of your maximum HP at all times.
  • If you have less than 50% health, this impact is increased by 1% of your maximum HP. To reinforce this impact, it also comes with a continual 20% boost in your maximum HP.
  • In terms of refining, each duplicate increases the HP bonus by 5%, the initial ATK bonus by 0.2 percent, and the ATK gains below 50% health by another 0.2 percent.
    • At maximum refining, you’ll get 40% more HP, 1.6 percent more ATK, and an additional 1.8 percent ATK boost while below 50% health.

Screengrab Courtesy of SMOKETHRONE Entertainment via YouTube
Engulfing Lightning
  • The basic attack of 608 and a 55.1 percent boost to Energy Recharge. Y our ATK is permanently enhanced by 28 percent of your Energy Recharge.
  • You also earn a 30 percent Energy Recharge for 12 seconds after unleashing your burst. Each duplicate of refining improves the ATK bonus by 7%, the maximum ATK boost from Energy Recharge by 10%, and the Energy Recharge boost from unleashing your burst by 5%.
    • You’ll get a 56 percent ATK boost at max refining, limited to 120 percent of your Energy Recharge, and your burst will give you 50 percent Energy Recharge.
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