Genshin Impact: Where To Find Chests

After more than a year, Genshin Impact has expanded to incorporate a range of new features, such as fishing and boating. One thing stays constant, however: chest hunting.

Chest hunting is one of the most nostalgic hobbies in the game, whether it’s a box laying in the open world or a reward for solving challenging puzzles. Many people previously believed that these crates will respawn after a period of time.

Chests do not spawn again. Instead, new ones, as well as new game versions, may be added. Players have immediate access to all open-world chests as soon as they begin the game. The Interactive Map allows completionists to keep track of their progress.

Screengrab Courtesy of ZaFrostPet via YouTube

Five Different Chests:

  • Remarkable Chest
    • Players can find them on Tsurumi Island. These chests, unlike the others, only reward one furnishing blueprint. This new box also appears in several existing chest locations, giving the impression of a respawn chest.
  • Common Chest
    • They’re usually made of wood with a circular top and are fastened together with ordinary metal. When you open them, they can provide you up to 2 Primogems, 10-20 Adventure Experience, 1-3 Sigils, Mora, and Weapon Enhancement, Talent Leveling, or Character EXP Materials. Common Chests also contain weapons and artifacts, but only at the 1 and 2-star rarity levels.
  • Exquisite Chest
    • are a little more uncommon, and will almost certainly need players to execute some sort of activity before they can open them. They’re made of wood as well, but with a square top.
    • These chests feature a lot of the same benefits as regular chests, but they can also provide you an extra 2-5 Primogems, 20-to-30 Adventure Experience to help you raise your Genshin Impact Adventure Rank, 3-4 Sigils, Mora, and Materials. These chests can also drop weapons and artifacts, including 3-star items.
  • Precious Chest
    • They are wooden chests with gold that usually, but not always, demand Travelers complete complex quests and puzzles. Up to 10 Primogems, 30 Adventure Experience, 4-10 Sigils, Materials, Weapons, and Artifacts can be found in these chests.
  • Luxurious Chest
    • spawn after completing difficult tasks and puzzles. Players can obtain them from the Shrine of Depths, a structure that rewards huge Primogems. There is ten Shrine of Depths to open in each zone. Each one produces 40 Primogems. As a result, players can earn a total of 1200 Primogems across the three zones.

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