Genshin Impact Update 2.0 is now available on all systems. Gamers will find more than enough fresh features in the latest patch, such as the highly anticipated Inazuma region, new characters, and collectibles like the Electroculus!

What is an Electroculus?

  • Electroculus are collectible elemental energy crystals that can be discovered all over Teyvat. They’re typically tucked away or in difficult-to-reach locations, but once found, they’re well worth the trouble. This is because offering Electroculu aka Oculi to the Statues of The Seven benefits you.
  • You will take one Oculus of all elements left over after retrieving all Electroculus in an area and leveling up your Statues of The Seven to their maximum.

Where To Find

You can find Electroculus by using Oculus Resonance Stones. Players can use these materials to pinpoint Electroculus crystals in a specific region, but they can’t find them in another gamer’s world. So, each player will require their own stone. Alternatively, you may use the official Interactive Map. CLICK HERE!

Inazuma Map

  • Inazuma appears to be smaller than the other Teyavat regions, but it’s probable that more isles would be out in future installments. Irrespective, Inazuma seems to be sufficient enough to hold gamers occupied for a long time!
  • There have been more particular leaks about the latest domains in Inazuma. One will provide talent books, weapon ascension materials, and artifacts for each of the six new domains.
  • The map’s remaining three-domain indicators could be one-time prize domains or weekly bosses. The domains of Inazuma are also conceptually distinct from those of Genshin Impact right now.
  • The purple symbol represents one Electroculus. Of course, as with other “-oculus” objects in Genshin Impact, gamers in Inazuma will almost certainly be able to gather more than one Electroculus.

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