Genshin impact Where To Find Naku Weed, All Locations

A lot of new quests, characters, and regions have been added in Genshin Impact with the introduction of Inazuma. Players are facing some difficulties in coping up with so many additions and changes, but you have nothing to worry as we have it all covered. One such thing where fans are struggling is finding Naku Weed, so in this guide we’ll be informing you about the ways and locations where you can find it.

Naku Weeds

Naku Weed is one of the many new resources that are new in Genshin Impact’s new 2.0 update. It is a pink and purple plant with teardrop-shaped flowers and heart-shaped petals. As of now, there is one particular quest that needs Naku Weeds.

The quest involves an NPC named Yasumoto at Fort Fujitou, who will ask you to gather 12 such weeds for him in a day. You can repeat this and leave him 12 Naku Weeds every day to collect an Exquisite Chest and some Primogems.

Apart from this Naku Weed is an important ascension material for the upcoming 5-star character, Yoimiya. It will require 168 Naku weeds to fully ascend Yoimiya. Also, upcoming Inazuma characters like Baal, Kokomi, and Sara might require Naku Weeds as well. So, it would be great if you start collecting them right now.


Only 44 Naku Weeds are present in Inazuma and they respawn every 48 hours after being harvested. That means you will be able to obtain 44 Naku weeds every 2 days. The best locations to farm for Naku Weeds in Inazuma are:

  • Near Grand Narukami Shrine where you can find 10 Naku Weeds
  • Tatarasuna, Kannazuka, where you can find over 22 Naku Weeds
  • Musoujin Gorge to Higi Village where you can find around 7 Naku Weeds

That brings the total of just these 3 locations to 39 Naku Weeds that you can collect in two days. 5 more Naku Weeds can be found across Inazuma in these 2 days. You can also find a vendor named Aoi who sells five of these plants for 1,000 Mora each.

If you want, you can also plant some of these plants around their Serenitea Pot, after purchasing some Naku seeds from the Realm Depot for five Realm Currency. But you will not be able to plant these until you have also purchased A Path of Value: Luxuriant Glebe item from the Realm Depot. This item helps in opening the land around your home to be farmed. Obviously, you can’t farm without land, so you need to unlock the land first.

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