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Onikabutos may be found at multiple locations on the map. Visiting one of the following markings, for example, can result in many Onikabutos being present at the same time. To finish your Itto, you’ll need to collect 168 Onikabutos.

For some characters in Genshin Impact, Onikabuto is a valuable ascension material. The Electro critter, in particular, is utilized to help Arataki Itto, one of the game’s newest playable characters, advance. So have your bug nets ready because you’ll need to farm 168 Onikabuto to get Itto to level 90.

Inazuma is littered with Onikabuto. There are approximately 80 Onikabuto that can be found across Inazuma, and the broad places where they may be found are given below.

Where To Find Onikabuto

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Inazuma City

  • You can acquire 4 Onikabuto for free if you talk to Shouta, a small child in Inazuma City. Simply inquire as to what he is up to, and then select the ‘what did you offer?’ option for a dialog. It’s worth noting that this only works once, so there’s no need to come back to Shouta later.
  • If you take the northern Teleport Waypoint, you can locate him down the stairs to your left.

Seirai Island

  • On Seirai, there is just one region containing this type of insect, and there are only six of them. You can see them on the trees along the shore if you glide down from the nearest Teleport Waypoint. However, because collecting them all takes a long time.

Narukami Island

  • One is directly outside the Court of Flowing Sand Domain’s entrance.
  • Several Onikabuto can be found if you follow the route up to the Grand Narukami Shrine from Kamisato Estate (the one with all the gaps and fallen trees). They’re hanging out in the trees along the walkway.
  • After you’ve collected them, descend into the crater of Mt. Yougou. Several Onikabuto is on the large tree branches below you. Make sure you don’t miss out on one of the easiest Onikabuto farm spots.
  • In the caves below, the Onikabuto south of Inazuma City can be found. To find the entrance, glide down to the beach. This is also an excellent location for farming them.

Yashiori Island

  • These bugs is all around Yashiori, but they’re particularly plentiful near Higi Village and Serpent’s Head.
  • A chasm may be found north of Higi Village. You can see some tree branches hanging out if you look down. On those branches—the two smaller circles on the map—there are 3-4 Onikabuto.
  • There’s one near the Teleport Waypoint southeast of Serpent’s Head, and three more near the serpent’s skeleton—look for rocks and trees, not the serpent’s remains.

Kannazuka Island

  • Teleport west of Mikage Furnace to the steep cliffs. There are a lot of Onikabuto here, especially around the Electro tree and inside the Thunder Barrier.
  • Also, make your way down to Mikage Furnace. The majority of the Onikabuto are on the walls in the center of the room inside the stone ring with all the houses.
  • Only four Onikabuto is in north of the Kujou Encampment. The ones on the Electro tree are the simplest to find. Leave the camp towards the north, keep going until you see the beach.

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