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Ganyu is one of the most well-known characters to have appeared in the game. She is also regarded as one of the game’s most powerful characters, with a large following. Ganyu’s demeanor is appealing as well, as she is an industrious girl who enjoys napping. She’s also part Qilin and an Adeptus, so she’s a little different from the rest of the cast.

Who Is Ganyu?

Ganyu is a thousand-year-old Liyue resident of Genshin Impact. She was a witness to the rise of Liyue Harbor during the Archon battle. She works as a secretary for the Liyue Qixing under the supervision of Rex Lapis. Because she is only half-human, she can handle a workload more than three times that of a typical person in a single week.

Screengrab Courtesy of Varsona Vyzelta via Youtube

“May Rex Lapis watch over you.”

Ganyu is one of Rex Lapis’ most devoted followers. She was the Qilin that traveled to the harbor to assist him when he requested assistance in the conflict. She obtained a job with the Qixing after the battle to help the people of Liyue, just as Rex Lapis had done. She regards him in high regard and would most certainly pass out if she discovered Zhongli’s true identity.

“But in my personal opinion, Beidou’s contribution to Liyue Harbor goes far beyond what those miserable rumor-loving heathens could even contemplate!”

Beidou is one of Ganyu’s favorite people in today’s Liyue port. Ganyu appreciates Beidou’s company and finds positive qualities in her. She believes Beidou contributes significantly to the region and will defend her when others disparage Beidou. Despite the fact that Ganyu will not publicize their friendship, she is looking forward to speaking with Beidou when the opportunity arises.

“I think I started to understand her a little bit.”

Despite any personal differences she may have with the Qixing, Ganyu has served them for many years. Ningguang and Keqing appear to have little in common with Ganyu. Keqing, she says, is disrespectful, and Ningguang’s techniques are suspect. Despite this, she continues to execute her job to the best of her ability, even pausing to offer the two pieces of advice.

“I’ve named every single doggie living in Liyue.”

It’s unclear whether Ganyu has treated the town’s cats in the same way. Ganyu is a dog lover who appears to have a special bond with all of the dogs in the port. She has taken it upon herself to name each of them, despite the fact that she appears to be unable to teach them their names. Even the fact that the dogs respond to different names perplexes her.

“All of Rex Lapis’ decisions prioritize the welfare of all life in Liyue.”

Ganyu is descended from one of Liyue’s mythological species, the Qilin. Qilins are distinct from the other Adeptus in that they live a peaceful existence. They live their lives only consuming the purest of things and will only damage others around them if it is absolutely essential for the greater good. The Qilin is reported to be so delicate that they will endeavor to avoid bending even a blade of grass.

“Qingxin Flower petals are pretty tasty.”

Ganyu adores plants and veggies, and she dreams of starting her own garden. The delicious flower, she observes, is one of the plants that is frequently harmed. Despite her best efforts, Ganyu is unable to resist the flower’s perfume or flavor, no matter how strong her determination is. For a lunchtime snack, she’ll even stick her entire head in a patch of these blooms.

“Drink only spring water, eat only whole grains,” that’s my motto.

Ganyu, on the other hand, has a food weakness that she is rather open about. She is tempted every time she passes a restaurant, and she must avoid Xiangling’s food in order to avoid overeating. In her account, she describes a period during the Archon conflict when she overate to the point of choking a thing attempting to eat her. While Ganyu feels mortified, many fans say she should be more forgiving of herself.

“Ugh… I need a nap.”

Ganyu is a person who enjoys taking naps. She even has an afternoon sleep time set aside for her every day. No matter where she is, this happens about lunchtime. She is so well-known for napping that those around her must keep an eye on her to ensure she does not fall asleep in a hay cart and be transported across Liyue. This happened once, and it resulted in Ganyu waking up distant from her workplace.

“What’s wrong, is there something stuck in my hair?”

While Ganyu appears to be all business, she is actually one of the Liyue government’s most approachable members. Despite her work ethic, Ganyu is equally concerned with her appearance and strives to look her best. She is quite concerned about the clothes she is wearing. When she talks about arriving late to meet Rex Lapis because she wanted to wear something different than last year, she demonstrates this.

“Qilins are strict vegetarians, so please do not take offense when I decline meat dishes.”

The Traveler should never offer Ganyu meat, Ganyu says. This is due to the fact that she is a strict vegetarian. Ganyu’s diet is so stringent that she only eats entire grains and refuses to eat anything prepared with oil or animal fat. She also solely drinks water and refuses to drink traditional Liyue beverages such as tea.

“Please don’t stare at my h—hairpiece.”

Even though Ganyu is a well-known character in Liyue, she avoids attracting too much attention to herself. She frequently lies about her horns being real, claiming that they are only ornamental hairpieces. Ganyu prefers to blend in with her surroundings and avoids standing out among humans.

“It’s because you can smell her cooking all the way from the other end of the street.”

The Wanmin restaurant is extremely popular, and Ganyu says she prefers to avoid it. Xiangling reveals that, despite what she attempts to convince others, Ganyu enjoys coming into the restaurant on a daily basis. Ganyu, according to Xiangling, requires an extra-large ration of food and has one of the largest appetites she’s ever seen.

“Of course on my rare half-day off from work I again end up at the Wangshu Inn, sipping Morning Dew and enjoying some Qingxin.”

Ganyu takes a break from her profession every now and again, and one of her favorite locations to visit is the Wangshu Inn. She even vents some of her anger on the public notice board there while attempting to stay anonymous. She writes about how she enjoys sipping tea and unwinding at the Wangshu Inn, as well as how her work never ends.

“My job is to honor my contract with Rex Lapis by looking out for the interests of all living things in Liyue.”

Ganyu’s narrative demonstrates the importance of her work in Liyue, as the other employees are unable to keep up with her. The other employees are drowning in work by the time Liyue finishes her training with Xiao and returns to Liyue Harbor. Ganyu is able to rapidly clean up the mess and restore order, but it only emphasizes how reliant the region is on her.

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