Genshin Impact Windblume Festival Complete Guide

Just over a week ago, the ” Invitation of Windblume” update for Genshin Impact version 1.4 was announced. The update is now available, and it includes a slew of new events and content for players to enjoy.

The Venti Banner

DATE: 17th of March – 6th of April

  • The replay of the Venti banner is perhaps one feature that veteran players are looking forward to in Genshin Impact’s version 1.4 update. When the game first launched in September 2020, the featured 5-star character was the Bard Anemo and Barbatos’ Ship.
  • In simple terms, when it was first introduced, many players may have missed it. Now that the Venti banner has been repeated, those who want to try their luck with wish / gacha microtransactions should have the opportunity to do so.

Tartaglia and Rosaria

DATE: After Venti’s Banner

  • Fatui member Childe / Tartaglia is also a weekly boss. Not only that but if you’re lucky enough to have a gacha craving, he’s someone you should add to your list. Tartaglia will return as a 5-star featured character after Venti’s banner expires, as he was first introduced in December 2020.
  • Rosaria is another character who is expected to be a part of that banner. In version 1.2, first appeared in the story “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon.” Soon enough, you’ll be able to obtain this 4-star Cryo Fighter.

Elegy for the End

DATE: 17th of March – 6th of April

  • The new wish “Epitome Invocation” includes a 5-star arc called Elegy for the End. Due to elemental mastery and the ATK boost process after casting your ability or blast, it appears to be a decent weapon. It is, however, still too early to tell.
  • If you already have good bow-wearing gear, you could give it to someone else and save some primo gems and/or money.

Hangout Events

DATE: Permanent

  • Hangout Events in Genshin Impact allow you to unwind and explore with a variety of characters. Certain dialogue actions and choices can result in branching routes, multiple endings, and even failure.

The Windblume and Windblume Festival Invitation

DATE: 19th of March – 5th of April

  • The main event in Genshin Impact Update 1.4 is the Windblume Invitation, also known as the Mondstadt Windblume Festival. The following are its features:
    • Holiday Trivia
      • During the Windblume Invite event, you will progress through these acts/phases.
    • Holiday Challenges
      • Activities:
        1. Bullseye Balloons
        2. Floral Freefall
        3. Ballads of Breeze
      • Festive Tour Tickets can only be obtained in single-player mode, despite the fact that these can be completed solo or cooperatively.
    • Quirky Wonderland
      • This one has a few tasks for you to complete. As a reward, you’ll receive primogems, talent materials, and odd collaboration coupons.

Note 1: The 4-star Windblume Ode bow is a key reward here. The Windblume Ode Bow will increase your EXP gains as the event progresses, similar to the Festering Desire sword.

Note 2: Although the Windblume / Windblume Festival invitation from Genshin Impact is only valid until April 5, the event store will be open until April 12.

Wicked Torrents

DATE: After Windblume Festival

  • Genshin Impact players will be able to enjoy a new Archon Quest after the Windblume Invitation event shop closes.
  • The Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents will be fought in this continuation of the main story. This dangerous foe even has the ability to lengthen the cooldown of the character’s abilities.
    • Note: Despite its status as an elite foe, the Abyss Herald only appears during Archon Quest.

Outland Gastronomy and Wanmin Welcome

DATE: 16th – 25th of March

  • Outland Gastronomy is a seven-day login “mini-event” with collectible rewards. Wanmin Welcome, on the other hand, is a virtual event. On the miHoYo event page, you can find the rules and enter.

Additional settings

  • There is a tidbit about condensed resin among the many tweaks and fixes in Genshin Impact in the version 1.4 update.
  • At any given time, players can now save up to five of these. Unfortunately, it seems that miHoYo failed to talk about the issues, such as the slow resin reload rate and low gold/EXP rewards.
  • Players who have attained Adventure Rank 60 will now receive 10 Blackberry / Gold per Adventure Rank XP point. Needless to say, given that the vast majority of Genshin Impact players have yet to reach that level, this change makes little sense (only those who have over-cultivated to infinity will reap the benefits).
    • Because of the tedious routine, it appears that this upgrade does not address what can benefit a larger portion of the player base.

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