Genshin Impact: Yae Miko Act 1 – All Chest Locations

The domain of Yae Miko’s Act I Quest contains a slight obstacle. It centers around four Electro lights that must be turned on. The building is divided into three levels: the top, main, and lowest floors. The game will begin on the main floor.

This domain can produce two Exquisite, three Common, and one Precious Chest in total. As a result, a total of six Chests can be obtained.

Screengrab Courtesy of Rafaz Gaming via YouTube
Exquisite Chest
  1. First Exquisite Chest
    • When you initially arrive at the location, you should continue traveling deeper into the hallways until you encounter a Kairagi and some Nobushi.
    • To get the treasure, you must defeat enemies.
  2. Second Exquisite Chest
    • A huge mirror can be found in the following area. This is the center room of the domain. Take the elevator on the right side of the mirror for the second Chest. To bring players to the lower floor, pull the lever to activate the mechanism.
    • Some Treasure Hoarders will be present when visitors initially arrive on this floor. It is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to vanquish them.
    • After that, gamers should go deeper into the room until they encounter two Kairagi. To get the second Exquisite Chest, you’ll have to defeat them.
Common Chest
  1. First Common Chest
    • Proceed to the corner in search of an air current. The players will be directed to the main floor as a result of this.
    • This time, there will be some Nobushi hiding in the shadows. To get access to the central room, defeat these Inazuma mobs. Then head to the air current, which will propel players to the top floor.
    • There will be certain mechanisms that can be manipulated on the top floor. When you arrive, open the first door that is blocking your path. Then, on the left side of the air current, slide the mechanism.
    • A room featuring a Kairagi and a Common Chest will be revealed as a result of this. To claim the prize, defeat the opponent.
  2. Second Common Chest
    • Proceed to the next door by walking across the hall in the opposite direction. On the far end of the hall, some Treasure Hoarders are preparing. To avoid being disturbed, fight them.
    • Players can now view blockades on the left and right sides of the hall if they gaze to the sides.
    • Players must first demolish a crate that is blocking the mechanism before they can open the correct door. One Common Chest is set on a table inside the room.
  3. Third Common Chest
    • The door on the left can be opened normally. On the top of the little staircase is the third Common Chest.
Precious Chest
  1. Players must complete the domain and follow the story in order to obtain the Precious Chest.
    • The huge box, as well as an exit circle, will appear.


Screengrab Courtesy of Rafaz Gaming via YouTube

Yae Miko’s Story Quest challenge is one of many Genshin Impact one-time domains that feature multiple Chests. Because the domain is unique, players should thoroughly scavenge it before completing the task. Otherwise, travelers will fall short of the maximum amount of chests.

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