If you’ve played “Hide and Seek”, then you will quickly understand how Genshin’s Windtrace Event works. Here are some of the most effective strategies for playing as the “Hunter”, and finding those pesky “Rebels” (those who hide) who might be quite good at hiding from you. 

Use your tracking ability.

  • The hunter has an ability that can show the footsteps of players who have recently run through an area. Find a spot that looks like it has had foot traffic, and use the ability, then follow it towards items that might look suspicious on the map.
  • Using this ability closer to the middle of the map is more useful since players don’t tend to find a good hiding spot immediately, so you may find multiple footprints if you’re lucky. Most rebels will panic if they are disguised once you get close, and they will run, making for an easy catch. If they don’t run, you can use the ability off of its cooldown to narrow down where they went even further. 

Look up.

  • Many players try to use height as an advantage, whether it be hiding on opposite sides of rooftops, on cliffsides, or up in trees. When the match starts, go high, and look for those pesky players trying to get some height on you.
  • If you don’t see anyone immediately after climbing a roof or a tree, be advised that a dominant strategy is for a player to use their invisibility to escape from the tree, so once you climb, watch the ground nearby for escapees. 

Check in small crevices. 

  • Using a smaller character can give anyone hiding an advantage, so players will use this to fit in small places in fringe areas of the map. While you’re looking for hiders, check the small places in between walls, cliffs, fences, and other small cracks where a small character (or a disguise) could fit.
  • It’s usually enough to use your catch ability near the hiding spots, since it has a wide area, and can usually hit them without you needing to commit to going into the crevice yourself.

Use your capture ability in clusters of similar items.

A common technique while hiding is to disguise oneself amongst similar items in small groups. If you see multiple boxes or scarecrows in the same spot, toss out one of your capture abilities quickly, then move on to other clusters of similar items.

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Put yourself into the mind of someone who is hiding.

  • The mental game is just as important as physically looking for rebels, and it’s often overlooked. When hunting, try to think similarly to how you would if you were hiding on the map.
  • What are the strategies that you might use? Where would you put yourself? If you were moving in a specific direction, where would you go if you were trying to avoid yourself right now? Think like a hider if you want to catch a hider.

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