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The Windtrace Event is a glorified version of the classic “Hide and Seek” children’s game, with three characters hiding (as the “Rebels”) and one character finding them (as the “Hunter”). Here are some of the most interesting and brave hiding techniques that I’ve seen so far in the game. 

Finding a wall clip and disguising yourself.

  • The new Windtrace maps have many small walls, gates, and fences that protrude at about knee height. Plenty of them create small areas when a disguised character can clip themselves (occupy the same space) in the wall.
  • Disguising as a small item and then positioning yourself in between two fences, where your disguise is partially obscured by the wall or fence, is an extremely effective hiding spot. Many players will simply run past or over you without a second thought. 

Climbing a wall and hiding in a crevice.

  • Another benefit of the new maps is walls and cliffs that have small crevices in them. Using one of the smaller characters (like Diona or Sayu) can allow you to climb into one of these crevices; easily disguise yourself from a hunter who is running around it.
  • These areas usually have sufficient cover from multiple angles, since you are stuck in between two or more cliff faces, so they can be hard to spot. The downside is that you are easily caught if the hunter does spot you, but since you have the benefit of not being on the ground as well, you aren’t easy to see.

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Finding a small corner and disguising in it.

  • This strategy doesn’t work with every corner, it must be a shallow corner that doesn’t look like much of a hiding spot. Hunters tend to sweep an area around larger corners, but the many small corners on the map are a great spot to disguise yourself and have hunters running right past you, thinking little of it.

Climbing a tree as a small character.

  • One of the classic strategies from the first Windtrace event, the “be small and climb a tree” technique still works wonders.
  • Simply climb near the top of a tree using a small character, hang on one side of the tree while still climbing, then rotate around the tree in the opposite direction of the hunter. There should always be a tree between you and the hunter’s line of sight. 

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Hiding in plain sight.

  • This is my favorite technique, but also requires the most bravery. Simply pick a character who might blend in with the map, then stand next to NPCs, or have a seat on a bench or other sitting spot, and do not move an inch.
  • The human brain is wired to see oddities and movement, and players are not expecting to see someone acting so calm and brazen about their spot. This fools players more than you might think, but even when it doesn’t work, it’s still fun and hilarious.
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