You might start noticing a small emblem next to some of the Pokémon when looking at the Spring into Spring Collection Challenge missions. One of them is Diggersby, and the symbol indicates how to get him to mark the task as completed.

It’s the evolve icon, as seen during the Kanto Tour, where there was a challenge dedicated solely to Pokémon evolution!

Bunnelby –> Diggersby

  • To complete the Spring into Spring Collection Challenge with Diggersby, simply take a Bunnelby and evolve it into Diggersby. This costs Bunnelby Candies, which you should already have if you play frequently!
  • Simply evolve them once you’ve collected 50 Bunnelby Candy, and you’ll have Diggersby for the Spring Collection Challenge in Pokémon GO.
  • Alternatively, they’re part of the Spring Event so try these other methods!
    • Look for them in the wild.
    • Use an Incense.
    • Defeat them in raids.
    • Hatch them from eggs.
    • Since this is Shiny Bunnelby’s first emergence, you’ll want to see as many of them as possible!

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