Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure game released in 2020. Sucker Punch Productions is the developer, while Sony Interactive Entertainment publishes the game under its label. Players will step into the shoes of Jin Sakai. He is a samurai who seeks to protect Tsushima Island from the Mongol invasion.

The Monkey See Trophy

The Monkey See Trophy is part of the Iki Island DLC that features 13 new trophies. It is a quest that requires players to “embody the spirit of the monkey on Saruiwa.” Players will have to interact with three monkey statues to complete this mission. In the end, players will also have to engage in a mini-game to finish the task.

  • Step one is to locate Saruiwa. It is located at Iki Island’s southwest corner.
  • Monkey #1: Here, look for a pathway that has two huge monkey statues on each side. Players will see a mountain nearby, which they will have to climb.
  • Using the grappling hooks three times at three grappling points, players will reach a ledge connected by a rope to a rocky formation. At the other end of this rope, a small monkey covering its ears can be found. Players should swipe left to play the flute in front of the monkey.
  • Monkey #2: After this, climb back down till you are just below the second grappling point. Squeeze through the tight gap at the side of the mountain and move forwards till you are positioned just before the next tunnel.
  • Handholds on the right side will enable you to climb down to a lower level.
  • An alcove here will contain a monkey statue covering its eyes. Players should throw a smoke bomb in front of this statue.
  • Monkey #3: Climb back up the handholds and move forwards till you cross a narrow bridge. Here, players should descend using the grappling point on the side of the wall. In addition, players will need to use a variety of ropes, ledges, and grapple points.
  • The descent will end in a pool of water. At its edge, a monkey statue that covers its mouth will be present. Players will need to swipe to bow down before it.
  • When this is done, players should climb to the top of the mountain. Here, a Monkey Sanctuary will also be present. Approach the circle on the ground and play the flute. This will lead to a mini-game.
  • The mini-game will require players to keep a circle inside the bounds of two moving lines. Players will be awarded the Monkey See Trophy at the end of the mini-game.

However, players will also have to keep in mind that they also need to obtain the Iki Island DLC before they can take part in this Trophy.

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