God of War: Ragnarok – A Stag for All Seasons guide

God of War Ragnarok - A Stag for All Seasons guide

We’d always want to be there in case you find a difficult time in God of War: Ragnarok. You have come across a lot of quests in the game, and surely there’s more ahead. If you saved Birgir in Vanaheim, maybe you want to jump into another Side Quest. Don’t worry if you need any help, here’s A Stag for All Seasons Favor guide just for you. There’s a Quaking Hollow Favor here too so might as well stick around and know how to complete them.

A Stag for All Seasons Favor

To get yourselves in this A Stag for All Seasons adventure, you have to rescue Birgir first AKA For Vanaheim! Favor. Before you can rescue him, you should face and defeat the dragon, Crimson Dread, to reach him. Once you do, bring Birgir home through the Mystic Gateway.

  • Furthermore, be sure that you completed the Return of the River Favor beforehand. We suggest you finish that quest first because you’ll need water to get around The Crater in Vanaheim. When you checked both of these requirements, shall we head to the new Favor in God of War: Ragnarok?

How to trigger this Favor

  • Before you get to the Mystic Gateway where you’ll bring Birgir, Kratos would come across one of Ratatoskr’s squirrels near a stag. The Arrogant Squirrel tells Kratos that Ratatoskr needs to speak with him.

A Stag for All Seasons 1

  • The Favor called ‘A Stag for All Seasons’ begins as soon as you finish speaking with the Arrogant Squirrel

A Stag for All Seasons Favor 2

  • From there, go to the Mystic Gateway and bring Birgir home. Wait until you can use the gateway as well and then go to Sindri’s House

Speak to Ratatoskr

  • Reach Sindri’s House, and head straight to talk to Ratatoskr. He speaks to you about the Stags that went loose in Vanaheim. After speaking with Ratatoskr, make sure to retrieve the feed (Yggdrasil Leaves). These are important in this side quest as you will only be able to tame a Stag with this.

Capture the Winter Stag

  • Remember the Stag you came across with the Arrogant Squirrel? Head back there to Vanaheim to capture it. Make sure to give it the feed to tame it!

God of War: Ragnarok winter stag 4

Find the Autumn Stag

  • You can easily spot the Autumn Stag when you head to the Mystic Gateway at the Sinkholes Entrance. All you have to do is grapple your way to the other side, look to your left and see the Stag near the Gateway.
  • Take note that you need to finish another Favor in Vanaheim called Return of the River.

God of War: Ragnarok autumn stag 5

  • Give the feed to the Autumn Stag, and have the Arrogant Squirrel bring it home. From there, climb up and head further into The Sinkholes. There will be another Stag that you need to capture.

A Stag for All Seasons 6

Quaking Hollow Favor

  • Before reaching the third Stag, a Favor called Quaking Hollow will trigger as soon as Kratos and his companions feel the tremors.
  • To complete the quest you need to find the source of tremors that threaten the wildlife in this part of Vanaheim. Before reaching the next Stag, Crag Jaw appears and you must defeat the Drake to complete the Quaking Hollow Favor.

God of War: Ragnarok Quaking Hollow 7

  • After the fight, beware of a few enemies up ahead and some poisonous plants along the way. As you progress, you may want to look up and see a breakable part of the ceiling which can lead you to a new area. Kratos should use his Blades of Chaos to break through it.

God of War: Ragnarok ceiling 8

Catch the Spring Stag

  • Once you break the ceiling, open the gate on your right to gain access to an area called the Wishing Well. Keep an eye out for chests and rewards around for you to loot.

A Stag for All Seasons 9

  • Explore the area and you’ll find the Spring Stag in no time. Feed the Yggdrasil Leaves to the Stag and wait until the squirrel brings it into the rift.

A Stag for All Seasons 10

The Jungle

  • If you have been capturing the Stags at night, you need to find a Celestial Altar for this last one. This is because the area where the final Stag is located can only be accessed in the daytime.
  • Once that’s done, make your way to the island where the two ogres throwing boulders at Kratos are located. The dock will be at the back part of the island.

God of War: Ragnarok the jungle 11

  • Kratos and Freya would fight these creatures, so ready your battle skills, warriors. Take out the Nokken first before dealing with the two other ogres. Afterward, look around to find an unopened Chest, and loot from it!

Find the Summer Stag

  • To find the Summer Stag, Kratos has to break another rock wall to go through a path. At the end of this opening, you’ll get a sight of the last Stag.

A Stag for All Seasons 12

  • From there, tame the Summer Stag with the feed, and let it move through the rift. Head back to Sindri’s House, and speak to Ratatoskr once again to make A Stag for All Seasons Favor complete.

A Stag for All Seasons Favor summer stag 13

  • Once marked completed, you can claim your reward from Ratatoskr. Have a Shield Attachment, and there you have it, warriors!

A Stag for All Seasons complete 14

Nothing like hitting two birds with one stone! Which stag is your favorite, warriors?

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