God of War Ragnarok - Across the Realms guide

Who’s in for another guide in completing Side Quests? If you need an Across the Realms guide in God of War: Ragnarok, you came to the right place. Know all the information, how to trigger the quest, and how to complete this Favor with us! Are you ready to gather rewards?

Across the Realms Favor guide

We’ll start this guide on where to find this Side Quest. When you begin your God of War: Ragnarok adventure, you can encounter this at the Lake of Nine in Midgard.

  • In case you are on your way to the Norns for the Word of Fate main quest, then this is the best time to trigger this Side Quest. Make your way around Lake of Nine and find a campfire that can be found when you grapple your way up. This campfire stands out for its colorful flames.

Across the Realms Favor 1

  • Once you get to the top, Kratos finds a new hidden region called The Eternal Campfire. When you reach the campfire, Freya would mention that the place is an abandoned camp.

Across the Realms Favor 2

  • Interact with a book-like item found near the campfire which holds “a list of provisions needed to prepare a meal”. Now, Across the Realms Favor would begin. To complete it, you need to find all the ingredients listed in the recipe book.

Across the Realms Favor 3

Midgard ingredient

  • As Kratos and Freya are about to return to the sled, you can see a painted heart with initials on one of the rock walls in front of you. You may want to get down the ledge and head near the area to find an ingredient around.

Across the Realms Favor 5

  • Interact with the item in the snow, Kratos finds a Nordic Gourd. This would be the first ingredient you’ll find for this Favor, so hop on the sled to find more.

Across the Realms Favor 4

Svartalfheim ingredient

  • You have to head over to Svartalfheim to retrieve the next ingredient. You come across this area again on the main quest after receiving the Draupnir Spear from Brok and The Lady. You can also come back here another time if you’ve already progressed through that part in the main story quest.
  • Kratos needs to find a green heart painted on one of the walls. If you see one, you’re on the right track, just continue walking forward.

Across the Realms Favor 6

  • Look to your right to find a Nornir Chest there with a glowing item beside it. Pick the Prongfruit ingredient up, and get back in search of the other ingredients.

Across the Realms 7

  • If you’re wondering how you can unlock the Nornir Chest, don’t worry, we’re here. All you have to do is throw your Spears at the three runes. Once placed on the runes, you may simultaneously detonate it, then voila, enjoy your Nornir Chest loot!

Vanaheim ingredient

  • Shall we head to Vanaheim now? To find the next ingredient in the recipe book, Kratos and Freya need to reach the Vanaheim region. However, you can only unlock this item when you’ve made your way to The Crater and unlocked The Sinkholes area.

Across the Realms Favor 8

    • So if you haven’t done any of the two, start the quest to look for Birgir to get to The Crater. You may want to check out our guide about the For Vanaheim! Favor here.
    • Now, to unlock The Sinkholes, you have to complete the Return of the River Favor. This would give you access to this region in Vanaheim.
  • Going back, if you’ve completed A Stag for All Seasons Favor, you may find the place familiar. It is where you found the Autumn Stag near the Mystic Gateway and the Sinkholes entrance.
  • You can paddle your way to the right from where you found the Autumn Stag. Just follow the river path until you find a place to dock your boat at. On your way to the docking area, you’ll find one of Yggdrasil’s Dew.

God of War: Ragnarok yggdrasil 9

  • Look for the blue flag. This signifies that you can dock your boat here and continue your journey on foot.

God of War: Ragnarok blue flag landmark 10

  • Hop on the platform, and make your way over to the gate on the left side. Pull the chain to lower the gate just like in the photo below.

God of War: Ragnarok chain 11

  • Once opened, you should jump over the gap and retrieve the Bantam Melon ingredient. Also, there should be another heart painted on the wall! Off to the next, warriors?

Alfheim ingredient

  • Remember stopping the sandstorm in the Alfheim Desert? Well, you have to go back to the Alfheim region to search for the last ingredient in the recipe book. It should be located in the Forbidden Sands in Alfheim.

God of War: Ragnarok alfheim 12

  • Go west of The Forbidden Sands until you find a fallen pillar. Look at another heart painted on the wall next to the pillar, and make your sled stop right there. You have to crawl underneath to reach the other side of the area. You’ll see another Nornir Chest and the last ingredient of the recipe AKA the Elven Cap.

God of War: Ragnarok last ingredient 13

Head back to The Eternal Campfire

  • Once you manage to find and retrieve all the ingredients, Kratos and Freya must go back to The Eternal Campfire. Interact once again with the campfire and let Mimir continue the story of Jari and Somr. There you have it, the Across the Realms Favor guide has concluded and completed!

God of War: Ragnarok favor complete 14

  • Kratos will be rewarded with the Meal of Comfort. This would permanently increase Kratos’ stats by 5!

Got your way around the Across the Realms Favor guide? See you at the next one!

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