God of War: Ragnarok – All Twilight Stone puzzles in Temple of Light

God of War: Ragnarok - All Twilight Stone puzzles in Temple of Light

Back on track with the Main Story quest in God of War: Ragnarok? With so many quests and favors here and there, you may find a hard time at times. So if you’re struggling with all Twilight Stone puzzles in Temple of Light, here’s a guide for you. It probably would take you some time to finish it all since some are easy, while the others are a bit too tricky. You won’t have to worry anymore though, just proceed to read below, we got you!

Temple of Light’s Twilight Stone puzzles

You’ll encounter a bunch of Twilight Stone puzzles when you reach the Temple of Light. To find an easy way out of the puzzles, you may want to read more below on how to progress in the game. Oh, by the way, Kratos is joined by Atreus and Tyr in this Main Story quest.

  • In the main story, this takes place after freeing Tyr, on the part of the Applecore water puzzles. Just a piece of information, the Twilight Stones are used to break Light Crystals in God of War: Ragnarok. You’ll run into a lot of these crystals in the Temple of Light as these keep the doors locked in there.

First Twilight Stone encounter

  • So now, we start your adventure in the Temple of Light. You’ll be welcomed with a dangling Twilight Stone and a locked door. To be able to pass the door, you have to break the Light Crystal just above the door, so bounce off your Axe from the Twilight Stone to the Crystal.

Twilight Stone puzzles 1

Second puzzle

  • You may go straight ahead until you reach another locked door. On your left, you’ll see a Twilight Stone. Aim it at an angle where it would hit the Light Crystal on top of the door. Then, you may continue the Twilight Stone puzzles in the Temple of Light. Easy for now, right?

All Twilight Stone puzzles in the Temple of Light 2

One of Odin’s Ravens

  • Alright, this isn’t really part of the Main Story quest, but why not complete the area’s quest, right? You’ll probably encounter one of Odin’s Ravens behind a metal wall. We recommend you stop by that wall and aim your Leviathan Axe at the Twilight Stone. Wait for the blue line to appear to make sure that you’ll kill Odin’s Raven (that glowing green right there). Don’t forget to retrieve Kratos’ Axe!

Twilight Stone puzzles 3

Third puzzle

  • You may want to grapple your way up, you’ll see a better angle when you head up. Also, pick up Kvasir’s Poems before you aim at the hanging Twilight Stone. The Light Crystal is placed near the door, so position your Axe where it can hit the Crystal from the Twilight Stone.

All Twilight Stone puzzles in the Temple of Light 4

The Light Elves and the fourth puzzle

  • Once you enter the door from the third Twilight Stone puzzle, you’ll have to face off against the Light Elves on the way. You have to defeat the wave of Elves to continue exploring the Temple of Light.

Temple of Light puzzles 5

  • From there, you’ll come across the fourth puzzle in the Temple of Light. Do know that this Twilight Stone puzzle isn’t connected to the Main Story quest. But who wouldn’t want a Legendary Chest, right? So, you have to reach an area where you’ll be needing to pull on the chain.

Twilight Stone puzzles 6

  • To successfully collect the rewards in the Chest, you have to lower the chain and hold it, while you aim your Axe at the Twilight Stone. Position it to where it could hit the white marble, so once it stays there, let go of the chain. If you did it right, recall your Axe and the chain holding the Chest breaks. Grapple your way down to unlock the Legendary Chest!

Temple of Light puzzles 7

Fifth puzzle

  • After exploring, go back to the area where you can turn the wheel. Turn it to lower the Twilight Stone from the ceiling, and while holding the wheel, you may want to hit the circles to turn and easily hit the Stone later.

Twilight Stone puzzles 8

  • Don’t lower it too much though, just position it perfectly for it to hit the Light Crystal. Hmm, maybe just place it quite lower than the door’s lock, and hit the Stone to break the Crystal.

Twilight Stone puzzles 9

Defeat enemies and the sixth puzzle

  • There should be Nightmares once you enter a new area, so make sure to defeat them all. Go through the door and prepare yourself for another fight, this time with the Light Elves again, do clear the enemies out, warriors!

Twilight Stone puzzles 10

  • Once you defeat all the enemies, you wouldn’t want to follow Tyr right away. Head over on your left and climb down to grapple over a gazebo. You’ll peek at a Legendary Chest on your right, so quickly reach the gazebo.

Temple of Light puzzles 11

  • When you reach the gazebo, you’ll see a Twilight Stone hanging just right there, and of course, another Crystal-locked door. Swing it with all Kratos’ force until you see the Twilight Stone. Also, just a tip, swing it on your right, and you can find a better angle to bounce off the Axe from there to break the Light Crystal, just like this one below! Then, grapple your way to the other side and retrieve the rewards from the Legendary Chest.

Twilight Stone puzzles 12

Seventh puzzle

  • Now you’re back on track with Tyr, you’ll encounter another locked door, and the only Twilight Stone present in the area is on the statue’s shield. You have to work your way around the environment to have the best angle to break the Light Crystal.
  • Try knocking over the statue on your right, and shoot Atreus’ Arrow on its base. Use Kratos’ Blades of Chaos to pull the statue back, and voila, a crack to grapple your way up. Run to the side where you can grapple to the side of the statue with the Twilight Stone shield.

Twilight Stone puzzles 13


  • Scoot over behind the statue where you can see the Twilight Stone. Firstly hit it with Atreus’ Sonic Arrows, then the statue shakes. You can now use Kratos’ Blades to move the statue until you are able to move the shield AKA the Twilight Stone.

God of War: Ragnarok 14

  • Head over to the other side again, that would be the best angle to break the Light Crystal. The lock is placed on the right side of the door, not on top, just a piece of information (and a tip too!).

God of War: Ragnarok 15

Last puzzle

  • You’re nearing the end of all the Twilight Stone puzzles, so do enter the door once you unlock it. You’ll be needing Atreus Sonic Arrow at the Soundstone to let the hanging Twilight Stone move. Also, Tyr would be glad to help to turn the Twilight Stone in the right way!

All Twilight Stone puzzles in the Temple of Light 16

  • From there, you can easily aim at the Light Crystal. Then, congratulations, you finished all the Twilight Puzzles in the Temple of Light!
  • Oh, by the way, you can use the Twilight Stones as well to defeat the enemies in the Temple of Light! You may check out the gameplay below to know how.

All Twilight Stone puzzles in the Temple of Light 18

Best of luck, warriors. On to the next?
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