God of War Ragnarok - Animal Instincts guide

If you’re just starting your adventure in the newest game, God of War: Ragnarok, got some time for this? Starting one of the earliest Favor in the game might be overwhelming, so here’s a guide for you. We’ll walk you through the Animal Instincts Favor guide in God of War: Ragnarok, shall we hop on in this adventure?

Animal Instincts Favor

Since this would be one of the first Favors in the game, you should know that these Side Quests offer extra rewards but in a way are optional. Most of the time, these are easier to complete, so might as well try this one out. The Animal Instincts Favor takes place in the Lake of Nine, Midgard.

  • You’ll return to Midgard with Freya and this happens when you start a quest entitled the Word of Fate. This belongs to The Path or the Main Story quest. Kratos and Freya would be using the wolves for this one. Once you arrive back at Kratos’ house, go to where the wolves are resting and set up the sled.

God of War: Ragnarok the word of fate 1

Reach Lake of Nine

  • You can find a new unlocked region named the Lake of Nine. This would be where the Animal Instincts Favor would begin, so watch out for that.

Animal Instincts lake of nine 2

  • Once they reach the lake, Kratos would ask Freya how they would find the Norns. You’ll notice the wolves do the Scent Tracking, having their noses pointed to where the direction of the scent is.

God of War: Ragnarok scent tracking 3

  • Kratos and Freya would pass by a Mystic Gateway with the Shop. The wolves will start acting scared and you’ll soon find out that there is a Raider Camp nearby. Just look for the elevated area near the Mystic Gateway and climb up to discover a hidden region called the Raider Fort. Defeat the Kol Raiders and clear the camp. They’re quite many, nonetheless, you can conquer them, warriors!

God of War: Ragnarok raider fort 4

  • Once successful, make sure to pick up everything you see on the floor. One of these items will be a Treasure Map called Viking’s Gift.
  • Additionally, this would be the place where the Animal Instincts Favor should be triggered. Ready for an adventure?

Animal Instincts Favor 5

Track the Kol Raider camps

  • When the Animal Instincts Favor begins, you can look at the map and compass which displays the camps. Make sure that you are tracking the Favor to make navigating easier for you.
  • From the Raider Fort, the nearest one to reach would be the Raider Stronghold. Notice how the wolves would react when they get a whiff of the Kol Raider’s scent.

Animal Instincts Favor 6

  • Once Kratos enters the door, prepare for the Raiders to attack you. You have found the Raider Stronghold. Just a piece of information, when you defeat one of the Kol Raiders, they explode. Keep yourself safe always!
  • Head to the corner of the Raider Stronghold and you can find a Legendary Chest. Go and grab all its loot and you will receive a Runic Attack called Cyclone of Chaos. This can be equipped on Kratos’ Blades of Chaos.

Legendary Chest 7

The Raider Hideout

  • The next hideout you can go to would be on the west side of Lake of Nine. You can find a Raider Encampment on this side of the region. You’ll find the wolves distracted once again, and when you go down the sled, you can complete the Treasure Map of the Viking’s Gift by digging up the Buried Treasure nearby!

Animal Instincts 8

  • Head inside and Kratos and Freya find themselves in the Raider Hideout. Fortunately, using your Runic Attacks, it would be easier to defeat these attacking Raiders. The pit would be a nice choice too if you want to defeat them, just throw them in!

Animal Instincts 9

Chests to open

  • You can expect Legendary and Nornir Chests in this camp. Get near one of the Runes to unlock the Nornir Chest, the Third Rune should be behind the vines. Throw Freya’s purple arrow and light it up with Kratos’ Blades. The chain effect of the Runes lights up the brazier.

Animal Instincts Favor 10

  • Notice a hole in the wall in the middle of the room, you can find the Second Rune here. It should be behind a breakable ore. Simply throw a Fire Bomb at it to have the brazier behind the ore lit up.

Second Rune 12

  • You can find the First Rune to unlock the Nornir Chest, you should get one of the Fire Bombs. Go to the stairs near the entrance and find a brazier from there. Have Freya shoot her Runes (just like in the photo below!), and throw the Fire Bomb at it to light the Brazier. Gather the Idunn Apple from the Nornir Chest afterward!

First Rune 13

  • Kratos should go to the northeastern part of the camp. You can unlock the Legendary Chest and collect a Heavy Runic Attack for his Blades of Chaos.

Legendary Chest 11

  • Once you go out of the Hideout, you’ll find one of Odin’s Ravens staying still on the ruins in front of you. Grab the opportunity to kill it.

God of War: Ragnarok Odin's Ravens 14

The last Raider Camp

  • Kratos and Freya can find the last Raider camp behind the large building in the middle of Lake of Nine. You can also spot a red chest on the ledge on your way there.

Animal Instincts Favor 15

  • Continue what you are doing since the Animal Instincts Favor began, just defeat all the Raiders. You have to clear the camp from these Kol Raiders.

Defeat Oluf Nauston AKA The Chieftain

  • Once you clear the area from the Raiders, The Chieftain appears. This should be another mini-boss battle for you to conquer, warriors. Check out its flaming weapon, be mindful, and don’t stand near it. Kratos catches on fire with just one hit from The Chieftain’s weapon!

The Chieftain 16

  • It would best to counter The Chieftain’s attacks when the blue rings appear. Kratos can use the Shield Strike to interrupt Oluf’s strikes. Running around and dodging the enemy’s hits would be the best way to survive this mini-boss battle. Also, take note of the Healthstones nearby, this would keep your health OK (hopefully) until you defeat The Chieftain.

God of War: Ragnarok The Chieftain 18

  • The Chieftain’s health reaches a certain level that a Finisher would be enough to end his life. Once you defeat Oluf Nauston, collect useful loot. Check out the area for some unopened Chests and scattered rewards!

God of War: Ragnarok oluf 19

Complete the Animal Instincts Favor

  • The successful battle will give Kratos an Amulet Enchantment and valuable resources. You may also open the Red Chest that you saw near the ledge.

God of War: Ragnarok red chest 20

  • Return to the wolves, and there you have it, the Animal Instincts Favor marked completed!

God of War: Ragnarok animal instincts complete 21

Who says wolves can’t be man’s best friend?

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