God of War Ragnarok - Easiest way to kill Wretches

In God of War: Ragnarok, you’ll probably face a lot of different species and people. And this guide should be helpful when you encounter Wretches. What are Wretches, and how do you deal with them? Well, we got all the answers for you here, so you may want to stick around with us. Moreover, we may teach you the easiest way to kill Wretches, so shall we start then?

What are Wretches?

These enemies, the Wretches are four-legged lizard-like species. You’re probably familiar with this species if you’ve played the earlier God of War games.

  • In the God of War: Ragnarok, they seem to have a slight change in appearance though. They are orange-red, with yellow eyes when you see them. They are quite long, especially their tail, and could move fast than expected.

God of War Ragnarok, wretches

  • But of course, worry no more, we may have a few ways for you to try here. Defeat the Wretches and avoid getting damaged by these small creatures.
  • You may also ask us where these Wretches are coming from, but you may want to stay tuned for a separate article. We’ll have them ready to help you on your God of War: Ragnarok adventure, so while waiting this is how to kill these naughty creatures.

How to defeat Wretches

Hmm, what would you like to have, the easiest way or the most satisfying way? Either or, we’ll have it here for you, so proceed reading below!

The easiest way

Let’s start with the easiest to ease your worry about how to defeat them right away. In case you stumble upon them on your adventure, do keep in mind the few steps below.

  • You may want Kratos to equip his Blades of Chaos. As much as possible, you may want to move quickly when facing these Wretches.

Spam Blades of Chaos - Wretches

  • Once Kratos has the Blades in his hands, spam the R1 button. This would have Kratos throwing numerous and continuous attacks. In line with it, this is the easiest way to kill Wretches in the game.
  • As we have said, move quicker and defeat them faster. Wretches are small and could attack Kratos speedily. You’d want to keep Kratos’ life in steady health, so keep yourself guarded at all times.

Another way AKA the satisfying way

If you mastered doing the easiest way, maybe you’ll want a new way to defeat these species. Here’s how you can do the satisfying way of killing the Wretches.

Easiest way to kill Wretches, 1

  • You’ll be needing Kratos’ Blades and his bare hand (fist) for this one. Although this would be best used by quickly locking your aim at your enemies AKA the Wretches.

Easiest way to kill Wretches, 2

  • Once you lock your aim on your enemy, pull them in, and squeeze them. Make sure to steady your aim on them to make it easier for you to defeat them this way.

Easiest way to kill Wretches, 3

  • Furthermore, maybe you can press L2 to aim, then R1 to pull them, then squeeze. It would work pretty well, just follow those.

We hope these ways will work best for you! You may want to share below your encounter with the Wretches when you find them. If you need anything else, feel free to reach out to us below. Best of luck on your adventure, warriors!

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You can also share any questions you have about God of War: Ragnarok below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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