God of War: Ragnarok – Freya’s Missing Peace

God of War Ragnarok - Freya's Missing Peace

God of War: Ragnarok does not run out of quests, honestly. After finishing the quests part of the main story, chances are you’ll unlock a few side quests that will help make your journey across the Realms easier. One of these is the Favor we’ll talk about in this guide! After finishing The Reckoning, you can explore Vanaheim with Freya and help her out with something. If you need help completing Freya’s Missing Peace Favor in the God of War: Ragnarok, we’ll be happy to guide you.

Freya’s Missing Peace Favor

If you’re wondering why we suggest you finish this Favor first, this would be essential to one of your Companions, Freya.

  • Completing this Side Quest would make Freya more powerful for the remaining adventures in the game.
  • This can be triggered in the River Delta region. We suggest completing Lunda’s Armor Favor while you’re at it. It’s just like hitting two birds with one stone!
  • Freya will get a new weapon to equip as well as a Runic attack attachment that will come in handy when you have her as your Companion.

Main Story Quest: The Reckoning

  • Before jumping to this Side Quest, complete The Reckoning first. This Quest requires you to help Freya free herself from Odin’s curse.

2 The Reckoning complete

  • Freya happens to be Kratos’ Companion as they go further into Vanaheim to break Odin’s Curse. This is also the quest where both Kratos and Freya have no choice but to kill Nidhogg as it is the one protecting the curse.

To the next Main Quest

  • After the quest’s completed, you must trail back to the Mystic Gateway that you used to arrive in Vanaheim with Freya.

1 The Reckoning complete

  • You can use the Mystic Gateway to proceed with the main quest if you are ready. If not, some unfinished business for Freya is just down the river. Near the Gateway, there should be a Red Chest so don’t forget to open it!

3 The Reckoning complete

  • There should be a log in the river that you have to remove. Use Freya’s Sonic Arrow once your boat is docked to remove the log so you can explore more of Vanaheim ahead. 

4 The Reckoning complete

  • Once the log is no longer blocking the way, you can now get back in the boat and explore the new area you just opened up.

How to trigger

  • The characters speak to themselves while you row forward. Kratos asks about Freya’s unfinished business. Mimir states that the falls Freya’s talking about is her wedding site.

6 Freya's Missing Peace Favor

  • It is then revealed that Freya wishes to be free from the bonds of her marriage with the All-Father. When the dialogue ends, Freya’s Missing Piece Favor is automatically triggered.

5 Freya's Missing Peace Favor

  • You have to head to the River Delta region and reach Goddess Falls. In case you haven’t unlocked the area, finish Lunda’s Armor Favor first to unlock.

Reach the Goddess Falls

  • There should be an area where you can dock your boat. Beware of Wulvers and Gulons that attack you after docking!

7 Freya's Missing Peace Favor

Find a Nornir Chest and light the first brazier

  • When you reach the Goddess Falls, there should be a Nornir Chest in the area. We’ll help you find the ways to unlock the Chest, so stick around here!

Nornir Chest 1

  • When facing the Chest, look to your right and you can find the first brazier there. When Freya throws a lined-up Sigil Arrows, use Kratos’ Blades of Chaos to cause a chain of explosions on the Sigils.

Nornir Chest brazier 1

Second brazier

  • You can find the next brazier to the left of the Wooden Chest. You can use the earlier technique to light up the second brazier.

Nornir Chest brazier 2

Third brazier

  • Lastly, it should be on top of the waterfalls. Keep in mind that you cannot place a Sigil Arrow on wet surfaces so find the best and most reachable area for Kratos’ Blades. Check out the photo below, this would work well to light up the brazier.

Nornir Chest brazier 3

  • Open the unlocked Nornir Chest and retrieve the rewards. Kratos receives a Horn of Blood Mead from the Chest.

Nornir Chest rewards 4

Climb up

  • Once you clear the area and unlocked the Nornir Chest, you can start climbing up. Just continue climbing until you reach what looks like a dead end at first.

8 Freya's Missing Peace Favor

  • Look for the area on the wall which you can climb. Don’t worry, this is the last wall you’ll climb for this area!

9 Freya's Missing Peace Favor

  • Once reach the upper area, you should take down one of Odin’s Ravens flying overhead too. Find the best angle to kill the spying bird.

10 Odin's Ravens

The Vanir Shrine

  • Freya appears to be standing in front of a wall with vines all over it. Let her cast a spell to make the vines retract and reveal what appears to be a door. Then, Kratos can open the door which will lead you into a new area.

11 Vanir Shrine

  • And there you go, The Vanir Shrine area appears and is now unlocked. Be ready to face some Reavers in the area!

12 Vanir Shrine

Defeat Soul Eater

  • After taking all the Reavers down, there should be another enemy waiting for you.
  • A Soul Eater must be defeated too to progress in Freya’s Missing Peace Favor. The enemy is another Ancient, by the way. If you missed out on our guide to defeating this mini-boss, then check out how to defeat the Forest Ancient guide! Although they’re different in appearance, both enemies are considered Ancients.

13 Soul Eater

The Lore Marker and Treasure Map

  • Once you defeat all enemies, there would be a Lore Marker to your right. A Treasure Map would be near the area on the ground, so make sure to interact with those.

16 God of War: Ragnarok lore map

Lower the bridge and defeat enemies

  • You have to lower the bridge to continue exploring the area. The bridge has two chains holding it up. Use Kratos’ Leviathan Axe to break the chains and open a new path.

17 God of War: Ragnarok bridge

  • Get ready to face a few enemies once you explore the new area. When you defeat all the enemies, Kratos can find a new Lore Marker (The Auburn Crown) in the area.

18 God of War: Ragnarok lore marker

Move to another area

  • Enter an arc that has an area closed off by wooden planks. Although be careful, once you get near it, two Gulons jump toward you. Defeat these enemies first before exploring the surroundings and continuing your way.

19 God of War: Ragnarok gulons

  • Also, you may scoot over the wall and Kratos would find a Family Crest belonging to the Hylli Family. Make sure to pick these up if you come across them since they are considered collectibles in the game! You can also sell them at the Shop if you’re running low on Hacksilver.

20 God of War: Ragnarok family crest

Unlock Legendary Chest

  • Head to another area that is closed off by a gate. Interact with the gate to open and when you look to your right, a bunch of vines would be there. Use Kratos’ Blades of Chaos to burn until it disappears.

21 God of War: Ragnarok legendary chest

  • Then peek at the hole and see a chain. This appears to be the gate housing the Chest, so might as well break it. Aim your Leviathan Axe at the chain and throw it directly to the chain to unlock the gate.

22 God of War: Ragnarok legendary chest

  • Go back to the Legendary Chest, but be ready to fight off a Reaver. Once you defeat the enemy, loot the Chest. Receive a Light Runic Attack called Rampage of the Furies!

23 God of War: Ragnarok legendary chest

The Revenants

  • Head back to the new area where Freya is, now you have to fight off the Revenants.

24 God of War: Ragnarok revenants

  • It would be best to hit the enemies with Freya’s Runic Arrows before defeating them with Kratos’ weapons.

25 God of War: Ragnarok revenants

Find Freya’s belongings

  • Follow Freya over to where her item AKA the Circlet is placed. The Circlet is the symbol of Freya’s commitment.
  • Once Freya takes care of it, Kratos may now interact with the Runic Slate.

26 Freya's belongings

  • After she successfully breaks the Circlet, it would mark as one out of three of Freya’s belongings that were found.

27 Freya's belongings

Go to a new area

  • Head back down the platform and follow Freya. She should be standing in front of a blocked doorway. Watch as Freya casts her magic to break the blockage.

29 Freya's Missing Peace Favor

  • Enter the area, and find an incomplete Runic Slate on your left. After finishing the Runic Slate, a word will appear at the bottom but Freya is unable to read it from a distance. She then suggests that you go back down to get a closer look.

30 Freya's Missing Peace Favor

Unlock the gate and defeat enemies

  • After getting down from the area where Freya’s Circlet was obtained, go to the west side of Vanir Shrine. The word is still incomplete which means you have to retrieve Freya’s second belonging to move forward.
  • A large gate welcomes you that should be unlocked by flames. You’ll be needing Sigil Arrows and Blades of Chaos to light up the gate and unlock it.

31 Freya's Missing Peace Favor

  • An enemy possessed by Nokken would be the first thing to see when you reach the area after the pathway from the door. Burn the bramble to reach the Nokken behind some metal grates. Get ready to take down enemies that have spawned in the area as well!

32 God of War: Ragnarok nokken

Find the second of Freya’s belongings

  • Once defeated, you can see a Lore Marker in the area so interact with it. The Blessing of Two Lore Marker would be added to the Codex.

33 God of War: Ragnarok lore

  • Follow where Freya is, and see her holding a Chalice. As she says, the Lover’s Chalice symbolizes reconciliation. This marks two out of three of Freya’s belongings, and one more to go to complete Freya’s Missing Peace Favor in God of War: Ragnarok!

34 Freya's Missing Peace

  • Another incomplete Runic Slate happens to be in the area, so have Kratos interact with it. The word is now complete, however, Freya suggests heading back down to read what’s written on it.

35 God of War: ragnarok incomplete rune

Head back down

  • On your way back, you’ll pass by an area with a Red Chest and a Rune. Open the Chest and collect the following rewards inside.

36 God of War: Ragnarok chest

  • Afterward, follow Freya and check out the Rune. The word reads “Traitor”, by the way.

37 God of War: Ragnarok rune

Reach the last area

  • Once you reach the area down, Freya now faces the word and speaks it. A bridge should appear that leads to a door and the last belonging.

38 Freya's Missing Peace Favor

  • When you reach the platform, on your right there should be a lifeless body. In front of it, a Lore Scroll is there, so you may want to pick that up before breaking the door open.

39 God of War: Ragnarok lore scroll

Open the door and head inside

  • A cutscene begins once Freya gets near the sword. The sword symbolizes their union and it was even forged for the ceremony.

41 Freya's Missing Peace

Equip the Mardoll, Runic Summon, and read Lore Marker

  • When Freya successfully removes the sword from the rock, she decided to take it. Now, Freya has another sword you can equip on her called Mardoll. Also, Freya has a new Runic Summon called Steel Harmony, so check it out!

42 Freya's Missing Peace mardoll

47 God of War: Ragnarok steel harmony

  • On your way out, there is a Lore Marker to your right. Have Kratos interact with it and read The Ceremony.

43 God of War: Ragnarok lore marker

Head back to the boat and defeat the Dreki

  • Head back to where you first arrived to leave the area. As soon as Kratos starts pushing the boat into the river, a Dreki jumps out from the river and attacks him. Two Dreki would be in the area, so you have to defeat both of them to continue the journey.

44 God of War: Ragnarok dreki

  • Once you take down the two Dreki, rewards await you. Pick up the Amulet Enchantment called Seal of the Falling Star.

45 God of War: Ragnarok amulet

Favor complete

  • Kratos picks up the boat and brings it again to the river. Once they start rowing forward, Freya’s Missing Peace Favor in God of War: Ragnarok marks completed!

46 Freya's Missing Peace complete

It’s been a long ride for Freya’s Missing Peace Favor in God of War: Ragnarok, how was it?

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