God of War: Ragnarok – Freyr’s Gift

Alright, who wouldn’t want gifts and rewards, right? We wouldn’t say no to gifts, of course, even if it is another Favor in God of War: Ragnarok. Just in time, if you came here after receiving the Full Gafa achievement, here’s another Side Quest for you! This would be easy for you, we promise you that, so let’s start Freyr’s Gift Favor guide in God of War: Ragnarok!

Freyr’s Gift Favor

Right after you finish the Song of the Sands Favor that took place in The Forbidden Sands located in the Alfheim Realm, you can take on another side quest. Keep on reading to know more about Freyr’s Gift in Alfheim!

How to trigger the Side Quest

  • If you successfully reunited the two Hafgufas, maybe it’s another time for another adventure in the Desert! To trigger the Freyr’s Gift Favor, go around the area using your seld until you see a statue of Freyr with his arm reaching the sky.
  • Do you see what we see right there? Make sure you take down one of Odin’s Ravens once you are near the statue. It’s flying around so we hope you can find the best angle to kill that one. Once you reach the statue, Freyr’s Gift Favor starts.

Freyr's Gift Favor 1

Inspect and clear the dense hive matter

  • When you are standing in front of Freyr’s large statue, take a look at the Light Bridges. Unfortunately, the hive matter should be everywhere too. Look to your left and you’ll find a dense hive matter blocking the way.

Freyr's Gift Favor dense hive matter 4

  • To clear this dense hive matter, the Crystal powering up the Light Bridge will help you. Move to the area underneath the Light Bridge. Then, have Kratos pick up the Crystal out of its slot to make the Light Bridge disappear. Now you can use the Twilight Stone just below the hive matter to bounce the Axe off it to break the hive.

Freyr's Gift 2 hive matter

  • Return the Crystal back to its original position so you can utilize the Light Bridge. Follow the path that’s already unblocked from the dense hive matter. You’ll find another Crystal slot when you reach the top.

Freyr's Gift 3 crystal slot light bridge

Find another Crystal for the slot

  • Retrieve the Crystal from the first Light Bridge that brings you over to Freyr’s statue. Take the Crystal and have Kratos go back to where he broke the dense hive matter. Once you place the Crystal in the slot, the Light from the Crystal lights up one half of the statue.

Freyr's Gift Favor Light Bridge 5

Clear the hive matter

  • If you place the Crystal on the slot, across you should be another Crystal slot. Jump over to the other side and find an angle to destroy the hive matter blocking the way. Aim the Leviathan Axe to clear all hive matter in one go.

Freyr's Gift Favor 6

Take another Crystal for the slot

  • You have to put another Crystal for the slot above to let the magic happen in the statue. Kratos can break another dense hive matter, or to make it easier just take the Crystal from the second Light Bridge on your left.

Freyr's Gift Favor 7

  • Head over to the Crystal of the Light Bridge below, and place it in the other slot. You can watch Freyr’s statue be illuminated with the light from the Crystals.

God of War: Ragnarok light bridge 8

Read the Lore Marker

  • Once Freyr’s Statue lights up, you’ll see a Lore Marker just below it. Go down the platform and read what’s written.

God of War: Ragnarok lore 9

Freyr’s Gift Favor completed and Final Crystal

  • The Freyr’s Gift Favor has been completed and you can take the reward. It includes a Runic Summon for Freya, so grab it, warriors!

Freyr's Gift complete 10

  • There’s a final Crystal you need in the area. You may shoot your Companion’s Sonic Arrow at the sonic hive matter just behind you. Once it opens up, be ready to throw Kratos’ Leviathan Axe at the core to destroy it.

God of War: Ragnarok sonic hive 11

  • A Crystal falls and you can use this to restore the first Light Bridge. This bridge would allow you to get back to the desert.
  • Turn right after destroying the hive matter and the Crystal drops. You’ll have to break a few vases before you can pass through and retrieve the Crystal. Insert it in the Crystal slot, and expect another Light Bridge for you to pass by. You can now freely leave the area, warriors.

If you need someone to unite the Dark and Light Elves, it’s obviously Freyr who can do the job!

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