Does anyone want to take a breather from the Main Story quest? Perhaps, have you finished the main quest of breaking Freya’s curse?  If so, you may want to take on this Favor. Well, if you’re quite confused about what to do, here’s a Garden for the Dead guide in God of War: Ragnarok for you to follow. Let’s start, warriors!

The Garden for the Dead Favor

Just a piece of information before we start with the guide, the Garden for the Dead side quest may be found in Vanaheim in River Delta. As we have mentioned we recommend you finish Freya’s curse main quest before heading over to this area.

  • Additionally, you may want to take on two quests at a time in God of War: Ragnarok, especially for this one. Talk to Lunda before leaving the camp, so you can also begin with The Mysterious Orb Favor.

Reach Noatun’s Garden

  • While you track down The Mysterious Orb Favor, you’ll encounter different areas where you can dock your boat. You may first encounter Noatun’s Garden and a few enemies ahead before you can explore the area.

Garden of the Dead 1

  • You can make use of the breakable objects in the environment to take down your enemies. There should be at least four predator animals nearby, so watch out for them.

Garden of the Dead 2

Begin the Favor

  • To start the Favor, explore the area and you may find a Spirit. You can see the spirit behind the Poison Mist, so interact with it. Astrid, the Spirit, would be the one giving you the Garden for the Dead Favor.

Garden of the Dead 3

  • It appears that Einhenjar poisoned the garden with poison totems. Atreus would ask his father if they could destroy all the totems, and the side quest starts.

First Poison totem

  • You can find a totem near the Spirit, this may the first one. With the use of Kratos’ Leviathan Axe, freeze the Poison Totem first. From there, move over to the right side and peek inside to see the oil lamp.
  • With that angle, aim at the oil lamp, and have Atreus shoot an arrow at it. This would cause the oil lamp to explore and destroy the totem.

Garden of the Dead 4

Second Poison totem

  • Just like what you’ve done with the first Poison Totem, you have to freeze it first. You’ll probably find the second totem just behind the first one. Facing the first, move left, then head straight to the right, and you can see it there.

Garden of the Dead 5

  • When you freeze it, move to the left and take a peek behind the totem. Again, aim at the oil lamp and have Atreus shoot one of his Arrows directly at it. The totem explodes together with the oil lamp, by the way.

Third and last Poison totem

  • When you find the third Poison Totem, just repeat the same steps you did earlier. Oh, be mindful of your surroundings too, there may be an Artefact on the ground. Anyway, now you have to have the best view to break the oil lamp, so go to the upper right from the totem.
  • When you pick up the Family Crest artefact, you’ll see ruined walls you can climb on in front. Once you reach the top of the ruins, you’d find a new Lore Marker on your left.

God of War: Ragnarok ruined walls 9

  • To find the oil lamp, approach the edge of the area to find the best vantage point for the lamp. Peek at the chain right above the steel gate, and aim your Leviathan Axe at it. Once it drops, the last Poison Totem will be destroyed.

God of War: Ragnarok last lamp 9

Talk to Astrid

  • Head back to where the Spirit is and speak to her. Astrid would be thankful as she feels her land alive again. The Spirit may move forward, just as Atreus said, and here’s where you finish the Garden for the Dead Favor.

God of War: Ragnarok astrid 9

Did you complete the Favor, warrior?

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