God of War: Ragnarok – Heimdall boss fight guide

Who’s stuck from losing repetitively with the boss fights in God of War: Ragnarok? If you are, you should not worry anymore, we got you here. Well, it would be exhausting to fight Heimdall when you only have Kratos in the game. However, here’s a guide to a Heimdall boss fight for you to win against this boss. Ready for some real fight, warriors?

The boss fight against Heimdall

One thing that you may find hard in this boss battle would be having no companion along. Well, we know that the Resurrection Stone can only be used with a companion, so you can’t utilize that for this. Both Atreus and Freya have to rescue Freyr from the Einherjar are keeping him a prisoner.

  • Note that the Draupnir Spear would be the most effective weapon for Kratos to beat the boss here. Additionally, you can switch your Spartan Rage to Valour in mid-match in case you run low on your health. By the way, when you face death, you’ll resurrect at a checkpoint! Shall we start this God of War: Ragnarok boss fight?

Heimdall boss fight 1

  • Kratos faces Heimdall in Vanaheim. Do know that you have to be careful not to kill Heimdall to avoid doing anything shown in the prophecy. We’ll have this article written in three parts as the Heimdall boss fight would be in three phases.

Heimdall boss fight 2

First phase

  • In the first phase of this boss fight, prepare to fight Gulltoppr. You don’t need any fancy hits, you can easily take down this tiger-like enemy. Just be ready to throw your Shield Strikes at the right time to hugely damage your enemy.

Heimdall boss fight 3 gulltoppr

  • Additionally, it would be the best defense for you to dodge. While fighting Gulltoppr, Heimdall would attack as well which could cause Bifrost on Kratos when hit.

Heimdall boss fight 5 bifrost

  • Don’t forget about your Spartan Rage, warriors! Once you fill this meter up, this would e effective in damaging Gulltoppr.

Heimdall boss fight 4 spartan rage

  • Dodge Gulltoppr’s attacks especially when it comes from a long range. Of course, the special attacks of your weapons could be best utilized to defeat your first main enemy. Once you successfully defeat Gulltoppr, you officially enter the second phase.

God of War: Ragnarok first phase 6

Second phase

  • This Heimdall boss fight really would unleash Kratos’ greatness. In this second phase, you can only use the Draupnir Spear in battling Heimdall. Moving closer to Heimdall means the enemy moving one step ahead of you, always.

God of War: Ragnarok spear 7

  • To start the game, throw the Spear directly at Heimdall. He would catch the Draupnir Spear you’ll throw at it him, and fortunately, take this opportunity to attack. Press the ‘Triangle’ button once Heimdall holds at least one of the spears.

God of War: Ragnarok 8 attack

  • When you press the button, the Draupnir Spear explodes and would damage your enemy. Continue to do this to decrease Heimdall’s health until he becomes vulnerable to the R3 attack.

God of War: Ragnarok 9 explodes

  • Don’t be frustrated when you first use the R3 attacks and Heimdall just dodges all your attacks. He gets dazed when the spear explosion happens, so you can use the R3 attack once Heimdall gets vulnerable again, let’s go, warrior!

God of War: Ragnarok 10 r3

Spear attack

  • You see, it’s kind of hard to damage Heimdall using the spear as most of the time, he just deflects his way out. However, there’s another Draupnir Spear attack that Kratos can do in this God of War: Ragnarok boss fight. Kratos can leave spears on the ground, and set them off when Heimdall goes near one. It would be like raining spears when the attack happens.

Boss fight 11

Untouchable Heimdall

  • Okay, this boss fight would require patience from you, warrior. Anyhow, take a peek at the red meter below Heimdall’s health, and when it is filled up, it would be an opening for Kratos to attack him. Take note that at this point, Heimdall remains untouchable. Do try to parry Heimdall’s attack with the yellow ring.

Boss fight 12

R3 attack and Heimdall’s Realm Shift

  • Once you catch Heimdall off guard (we mean dazed), immediately press the R3 button. This third time that you press the R3, Kratos would be able to hit Heimdall and would leave a wound on his face.

Boss fight 13

  • However, hitting Heimdall would also mean that he would be able to use Realm Shifts. The time would slow down when Heimdall starts a Realm Shift. Be sure to dodge and block his attacks during Realm Shifts to have an opening to attack him up close.

Boss fight 14

  • Heimdall also would hit you with Bifrost attacks, and you wouldn’t want to get attacked with this one though. Dodge all the way you can, warriors.

Boss fight 15

Heimdall’s Armor

  • When you decrease Heimdall’s health to a certain point, he would summon an armor. Kratos would not be able to decrease the boss’ health once the armor’s on, instead, you have to destroy it first. You have to find the right opening to attack him, just like what Mimir said.

Heimdall boss fight 16

Heimdall’s open, Kratos attacks

  • Heimdall would do another Realm Shift, and once Kratos successfully dodges his attack, Mimir shouts “He’s open!”. You should take this opportunity to utilize the R1 combo of the Draupnir Spear to Heimdall and inflict an amount of damage.

Boss fight 17

  • When he manages to escape and wears another armor, Kratos can throw the Spear and make it explode. In this way, the enemy’s armor can break immediately.

Boss fight 18

Third phase

  • Kratos would find an opportunity to finish off Heimdall which would lead to another cutscene. Kratos decides to spare Heimdall’s life to avoid making the prophecy of Ragnarok true, detonates the spear stabbed at Heimdall’s arm, then he walked away.

God of War: Ragnarok 19 cutscene

  • The latter didn’t agree to this, so he summons a Bifrost arm, and the third and last phase of the Heimdall boss fight begins.

God of War: Ragnarok 20 bifrost arm

  • The boss’ health returns to its maximum health, although he isn’t untouchable like in the earlier phase, so you can attack him right away. Heimdall would be more aggressive with these attacks combined with his Realm Shifts. It would require Kratos to parry his attack with the yellow ring often, and block and dodge too. Once you parry once, be ready to parry again as Heimdall would throw a follow-up attack at you.

Heimdall boss fight 21

  • Also, you might encounter an attack where you’d be attacked with a chunk of rock. You can quickly dodge this attack, as your opponent throws this attack when they are in great distance.

Heimdall boss fight 22

The Shockwave attack and Realm Shift

  • You can quickly interrupt Heimdall’s shockwave attack while he summons it. Use your Shield Hit to stop your enemy, and drop a few attacks on him too.

Heimdall boss fight 23

  • When Heimdall recovers from his vulnerable state, he’ll be able to attack with a Realm Shift, so be sure to block or dodge his attacks!

God of War: Ragnarok 24

  • He will be able to grab Kratos in the boss fight once he charges with the red ring. From there, he’ll launch Kratos into the battlefield and attack with a burst of Bifrost.

God of War: Ragnarok 25

End of the Heimdall boss fight

  • Once the enemy’s health completely runs down, Kratos now has the opportunity to him once and for all. We warn you, this cutscene would contain a lot of blood and death, so if you’re not in for that, you may avoid watching it.

Heimdall boss fight 26

You can acquire a weapon attachment that would allow Kratos to use the Realm Shift after defeating Heimdall.

With Heimdall dead, does this mean the prophecy of Ragnarok will turn out to be true? Get ready, warriors…

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