God of War Ragnarok - How to clear sandstorm in Alfheim Desert

Another day, another quest to complete, warriors. If you haven’t been starting your God of War: Ragnarok adventure, you may want to get on it now. Anyways, need a helping hand in the desert? Here’s a guide on how to clear the sandstorms in the Alfheim Desert, just follow these steps, and clear the quest in no time. Shall we start the Secret of the Sands Favor?

The Secret of the Sands

This should be another Favor you have to finish to progress in the game. You can only proceed to clear the sandstorm once you accomplish the Secret of the Sands Favor.

Head to the desert

  • Right after you escape the Light and Dark Elves with Tyr, this ends the main story quest for now. Tyr asks for the Mystic Gateway to be opened as he is upset about all the violence and killing which took place. After Kratos opens the gateway for him, Tyr leaves the father-son duo.

Secret of the Sands 1

  • Kratos suggests exploring the desert, so you should find your way to it. Clear the way until you reach Sindri’s Shop and a Mystic Gateway. From there, you can easily reach the desert through a sled pulled by animals called a Gulon.

Secret of the Sands 2

Trigger the quest and find a cave

  • While you find your way to trigger the Secret of the Sands Favor, you would discover a new region — The Barrens. The sandstorm is everywhere once you enter the region, so expect to have a hard time navigating your way. You have to stop or clear the sandstorm to collect the Treasure Chests buried underneath the sand.

How to clear sandstorm 3

  • The Secret of the Sands Favor starts when you reach the first buried Wooden Chest. From there, you have to look for a cave. If you found your way to the chest, you can find your way back to the entrance of the cave. It is turning on your right after you enter The Barrens. You’ll hear Atreus say that there’s a cave entrance when you are near it.

Secret of the Sands 4

Go into the cave

  • Stop your sled, and head into the cave. Kratos and Atreus should reach The Below, as it extends underneath the desert. It would probably be quite a rock climb to reach below.

How to clear sandstorm 5

  • Once you reach a glowing blue crack, prepare Kratos’ Blades of Chaos. You’ll have to grapple your way to reach the other side.

Secret of the Sands 6

  • When you set foot on the platform, you unlock a new region once again. This is The Below, well typically it is called that because it is found below. Anyways, as Mimir mentioned, the place looks like a refuge for the Dark Elves.

Secret of the Sands 7

Hive matter and Dark Elves

  • As you walk or run on the platform, you would see three Hives. Of course, you would want to destroy all three, so locate the Twilight Stone to make the Leviathan Axe bounce off to clear the Hives. Although straight ahead, you’ll face a few Dark Elves, so be ready!

How to clear sandstorm 8

Use Twilight Stones on enemies

  • As you enter the area with more Twilight Stones around, more Dark Elves appear too. You may want to use the Twilight Stones to help you clear out the enemies in the area. The Twilight Stone can damage the enemies or even stun them if ever.

Secret of the Sands 9

Clear the path and open a chest

  • You may climb up to have a better view of the Hive matter blocking your next way. Aim the Axe at an angle where you will strike the three Hives.

Secret of the Sands 10

  • Once you clear the path, grapple down and retrieve your Axe. Head to where you can see the chest with a red glow, once you reach that floor, look to your right. Have Mimir read the Rune, and then unlock the chest.

Secret of the Sands 11

Find a gate

  • Head back to the area surrounded by Twilight Stones, and climb up once again. From there, move to your left, and grapple your way up. You have to slide down your way to the other side.

Secret of the Sands 12

  • When you reach the other side, you have to find your way on the rock formations. Grappling would be the only way to reach the destination, so grapple and climb on the rock walls until you find a platform with a cave-like area on its right.

Secret of the Sands 13

  • Once reached, enter the cave and grapple your way down, that’s where you find the gate. Unlock it, and you may find a Nornir Chest just nearby.

Secret of the Sands 14

Defeat the enemies

  • In order to progress in this Secret of the Sands Favor, you have to defeat the enemies once you open the gate and head further into the cave using a chain. Dark Elves appear here and there so watch out for their attacks, especially those that can blind you!

Secret of the Sands 15

Clear the way

  • Alright, the enemies are too many, right? So after you defeat all of them, crawl your way to the space next to Atreus. Here’s another area for you to clear the way and pass by it.

God of War: Ragnarok 16

  • When you see the ore blockage, go down on your right and peek your aim at the oil pot behind the ores. Shoot an Arrow from Atreus to break it, destroy the ores, and clear your path.

God of War: Ragnarok 17

Defeat the enemies and clear the Hive matter

  • No, this isn’t another Dark Elves fight, however, quite tricky to battle still. Exploding Wretches greet you when you follow the path from the ores.

God of War: Ragnarok 18

  • Quickly kill all the Wretches with Atreus’ help, so you can clear your way ahead. Using the Twilight Stone nearby, throw your Axe at an angle where you can break all the Hives in one throw. Afterward, continue your way, and you may find a Wooden Chest ahead.

God of War: Ragnarok 19

Clear ores and Hive matter

  • If you opened the Wooden Chest, you may have passed by another ore blockage which Atreus would tell you. Aim at the oil pot once again, and let Atreus do the magic.

God of War: Ragnarok 20

  • From there, head over to where the path has been cleared. You’ll see a lined-up Hive matter there, so you may want to make use of the Twilight Stones again to clear it out. That’s about three Hives, so break it and clear the way for you. Do not miss out on the Chest on your right when you grapple your way up!

How to clear sandstorm 21

  • So, another Hive matter faces you after the first three. This time, you’ll have to turn the mechanism to utilize the Twilight Stone. Find the perfect angle to bounce off the Axe and clear the Hive matter ahead.

How to clear sandstorm 22

Find the oil lamp

  • After you successfully defeat the Nightmares (the green creatures), you may find an oil lamp far on the other side. Fortunately, Atreus’ Arrows could reach this, so just aim directly at the oil lamp to destroy the ores blocking the chest. Don’t forget to open it later! Also, you’re getting near to how to clear the sandstorm in the Alfheim Desert, warriors.

How to clear sandstorm 23

The trapped Hafgufa

  • Take a look at the trapped Hafgufa and the largest that Mimir saw. This is what is causing the sandstorm in the area, so you have to break its bindings, and this is how you clear the sandstorm in the Alfheim Desert.

How to clear sandstorm 24

  • While facing the Ghost, look to your left and see an ore blocking again. You’ll need to jump on that so take a peek from the side, spot the oil pot, and shoot Atreus’ Arrow.

How to clear sandstorm 25

Destroy the Hafgufa bindings

  • Once the ores disappear, jump down the area. You’ll find a Twilight Stone to help Kratos clear the Hive matter again. Position your Axe at an angle where you’ll be hitting the first Hive, and bounce it off the Stone to clear the other two, try it.

Secret of the Sands Favor 26

  • To clear the second binding, make sure you go near the Twilight Stone and angle it until the line turns blue. It will bounce off a Stone to clear one Hive, then bounce off another Twilight Stone, to break the other two.

Secret of the Sands Favor 27

Free the Hafgufa

  • Kratos and Atreus only have one thing left to do, to free the Hafgufa. To do that you have to come back to the surface. You just have to retrace your steps to return where you needed. Get on the sled and follow the marker to break the last binding that needs to be destroyed.

Secret of the Sands Favor 28

  • Once you successfully free the Hafgufa, this clears the Secret of the Sands quest, and how to clear the sandstorm in the Alfheim Desert.

Secret of the Sands Favor 29

Collect the rewards on all the buried Chests once the sandstorm stops, warriors!

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