God of War Ragnarok - How to defeat Gryla

With all these guides that we’ve put up, do you remember Angrboda? If you do, then you do know that she came from a family of Giants, right? In the God of War: Ragnarok, you may find yourself wondering if you can defeat a Giant up ahead. Well, say no more, here’s a guide on how to defeat Gryla in the game. Grab your weapons, and let’s go to business, shall we?

Who is Gryla?

Before you dive into this battle in God of War: Ragnarok, let’s first know who Gryla is. While we have mentioned that Angrboda comes from the Giants’ species, she is her grandmother.

How to defeat Gryla 1

  • What does she do? This Giant steals the souls of animals to continue living. She gets the animals’ souls to keep her life prolonged even for a short while. All those soulless animals just for her to live? Nah, that’s wrong.

How to defeat Gryla 2

  • Okay, so in case you’re wondering, yes, you’ll be Atreus in this one. Angrboda joins you in this quest, even if it’s against her grandmother. You have to destroy Gryla’s cauldron to stop her from hurting and stealing the souls of animals any further.

What should Atreus do?

So while Angrboda distracts her grandmother, Atreus should do his part. Here’s how to defeat Gryla and break her cauldron.

How to defeat Gryla 3

  • Firstly, you have to save the captured wolf. Untie the wolf to make it free.

How to defeat Gryla 4

  • As Atreus successfully frees the wolf, this gets Gryla’s attention and so the boss fight begins.

How to defeat Gryla

Before you take on Gryla, you’ll have to escape from her and hide in the walls with Angrboda. Although Atreus has the freedom to just leave and not risk getting killed by Gryla, he chooses to stay. Since he and Angrboda share the same love for animals, they team up to take Gryla down once and for all.

You cannot attack Gryla head-on so Atreus will have to direct all his arrows at the glowing spot on Gryla’s cauldron. When you reach Gryla’s kitchen once again, here’s what you need to do in order for Angrboda and Atreus to defeat her.

How to defeat Gryla 5

  • You’ll have to swing near her cauldron, you can only damage Gryla through the glowing part of her cauldron. Once you weaken Gryla’s defenses, Atreus can attack the cauldron by hitting his Bow with it to reduce Gryla’s HP

How to defeat Gryla 6

  • But throughout most of the fight, Gryla would keep her cauldron in her safety. What you need to do is find an angle to shoot Atreus’ arrows at the cauldron’s weak spot AKA the glowing part 
  • When you find an opening to the cauldron’s weak spot, shoot your Arrow there. You can see Gryla’s life decreasing at the upper portion of your screen

Survive Gryla’s hits

The main survival tip we could give you is to keep dodging. To keep Atreus’ life until the end of the battle, you should dodge all the way you can. Watch out for Gryla’s stomping feet and the dust magic she throws at Atreus and Angrboda.

God of War Ragnarok, gryla vulnerable

  • At one point, Atreus would be able to damage Gryla so that she falls to the ground. Have Atreus run towards the cauldron. Instead of throwing Arrows, grab your Bow and use melee attacks on the cauldron. Take this time to attack the glowing part until Gryla stands up again.

God of War: Ragnarok, red floor

  • In the later part of the battle, the Giant would cast a spell on the ground, so make sure you come up to the countertops. The reading floor would damage Atreus’ health, so watch out! Although you have to be alert as this spell could happen on the counter, avoid the red surfaces. So, the next best way to avoid Gryla’s attacks would be to grapple from one countertop to another.

How to stun Gryla

God of War: Ragnarok, stun

  • While you’re on the countertops with Angrboda, she’ll hit a candle once you press the ‘square’ button. Once the candle is hit, it would stun Gryla, so grab the chance to throw your Arrows at the cauldron!
  • Be quick in attacking once she’s stunned, Gryla recovers in no time! Keep your ‘square’ button ready to press just in case you find the perfect time for Angrboda to hit it and stun the Giant
  • Near the end of the fight, Gryla will cast another spell on the countertops so be sure to avoid grappling up there if the surface is glowing purple

God of War: Ragnarok, fall

  • Another critical hit on the cauldron would make Gryla fall to the ground. Have this chance to rush to the floor, and do a combination of melee attacks. Gryla would swat Atreus out when she recovers, by the way.

The final fight

God of War: Ragnarok, aim

  • You have to fight Gryla again from the ground. Ready for more dodging with her huge stomps and magic spells! Keep in mind that Angrboda continuously stuns Gryla, so keep an eye on the cauldron’s glowing part.

God of War: Ragnarok, last

  • Once you hit another critical one on the cauldron, she falls again. This would be her last shot at the both of you. Help Angrboda to keep the cauldron away from Gryla. From there, Atreus would use his dagger to break the cauldron.

Then, that’s it. You successfully defeated Gryla in the battle by breaking her cauldron. Tell us what happened with your battle against Gryla, warriors!

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