God of War: Ragnarok: How to solve all water puzzles in The Applecore

There are many puzzles you need to solve in God of War: Ragnarok before you can progress through an area. Some puzzles are optional since you’ll get chests if you solve them. However, there are puzzles in the main questline you’ll have to solve in order to proceed. One of these can be found in Applecore. As you look for Tyr in God of War: Ragnarok, you’ll be faced with these water puzzles. If ever you’re stuck, keep reading to find out how to solve all water puzzles in the Applecore area!

God of War: Ragnarok water puzzles in Applecore

Kratos and Atreus finally reach the mines which Durlin gave them directions to. According to Atreus, this may be where Odin is keeping Tyr locked up to keep up the pretense of his son being dead for a long time now.

Throughout their adventure in the Applecore, they run into various enemies and roadblocks that prevent them from finding where Tyr is. To get to the doors where Tyr may be, Kratos and Atreus first need to solve water puzzles to reach the different areas in the mines.

Here is how to clear the Applecore area where you need to solve water puzzles in God of War: Ragnarok.

First puzzle

One of the first doors you come across is on the other side as pictured below. Kratos needs to find a way to lift the block submerged in the water so they can use it to jump across.

Beside the lowered block are water troughs with no water flowing through them. There is also a water wheel which you should always look out for in these water puzzles as you’ll need them to either stop or start turning to make something move.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Look up at the upper right corner. You’ll see ores blocking the way of the highest water trough. If you step over to the right, you can get a better look at these ores.
  • Notice the green waves emitting from the ores? This means that Atreus can hit them with his Sonic Arrows. Fire one arrow at the ores to clear the trough and have water flowing again.

Water puzzles in The Applecore 1, flow

  • At this point, the water is flowing but the flow is not hitting the water wheel. You need to make the water wheel begin turning to move the chain.

Water puzzles in The Applecore, water flows

  • What you need to do now is bring out your Leviathan Axe. To recap, the weapon is imbued with Frost. This means that Kratos can freeze anything that the Axe hits.
  • Aim at the waterway above the wheel. If you’re aiming at a spot that can be frozen, the crosshair will also change. Now, you can hit the part of the waterway directly above the second water trough.

Water puzzles in The Applecore 2, wheel

  • Voila! As your Axe hits the waterway, it redirects the water flow toward the wheel. The chain starts lifting the block you can jump on to get across. That does it for this first water puzzle in the Applecore!

Reach the door

Second puzzle

This is when things start getting a little bit tricky. In the second Applecore water puzzle, you’ll have to find a way across and power up a lift.

If you’re stuck on this one, follow the steps to clear this area:

  • When you reach this area, you can start by dropping down to the right. Aside from being able to explore this area and beat up a bunch of bad guys, you’ll need to do something here to get the water flowing for the lift.

Second puzzle

  • Climb up the wooden platforms until you can see a red spot above the water trough. When you interact with this, it acts as a gate that stops the water from flowing down.

God of War: Ragnarok, stop the water flow

  • After doing this, go back to where you first started. Atreus will also have something to say about the lift being powered up.

God of War: Ragnarok, powered lift

  • From here, you need to lift the block submerged in the water below. Using your Leviathan Axe, freeze a certain spot of the water trough so that water will start falling on the wheel closest to you.
  • When you grapple your way across, the lift will be above you. To make it go down so you and Atreus can ride it, look to your right.

Water puzzles in The Applecore 5, crane lift

  • Stop the water from flowing directly into the wheel beside you. This will cause the wheel to start turning in the other direction.

Water puzzles in The Applecore, wheel stops

  • Once the lift descends, get on it and retrieve your Leviathan Axe to go up. Don’t forget to open up the Wooden Chest once you’re up there!

Water puzzles in The Applecore 6, lift

Final water puzzle in Applecore

The final water puzzle you need to solve in the Applecore area involves two platforms you can grapple to and hop on. You’ll also need Atreus’ help for this one.

  • Atreus will be standing on the other side. You can interact with him using the ‘Square’ button. Doing so will have Atreus drop ores into the water trough.

Water puzzles in The Applecore, atreus' help

  • You can use these ores to block the flow of the waterway nearest to Atreus. Also, you need to use your Leviathan Axe twice so the ores are essential to this puzzle.
  • Have Kratos aim at the waterway so that his Axe will hit a spot where the water can start turning the wheel. Once it’s frozen, the crane will move.

Water puzzles in The Applecore, kratos aim

  • Before you recall your Axe, make sure that Atreus will drop ores onto the waterway. Once these ores come in contact with where your Axe is, it will freeze. This has the platform you can jump onto stay in place.

God of War: Ragnarok, swing to the platform

  • Then, aim at the water trough to your right to make the wheel move. Doing so will raise a spot where you can grapple with your Blades of Chaos.

God of War Ragnarok, grapple

  • Make your way over to the platform you can jump on. From here, aim at the ores blocking the waterway from earlier and have Atreus shoot them with his Sonic Arrows.

God of War: Ragnarok, Atreus' arrow

  • When you do this, hang tight as the crane brings Kratos over to the area you need to reach.

God of War Ragnarok, search tyr

Continue your search for Tyr

You can now resume your journey to finding the right door where Tyr is imprisoned. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for any chests or items you can pick up along the way!

Did you solve the water puzzles in God of War: Ragnarok’s Applecore?

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