God of War: Ragnarok – Is the real Tyr alive?

God of War Ragnarok - Is the real Tyr alive

Seriously, this is one of the greatest questions to have been asked in God of War: Ragnarok. If you’re reading this, chances are you already reached the biggest plot twist in the game, right? If not, we highly suggest that you exit this page right now to avoid major, major God of War: Ragnarok spoilers! So while playing, this may have been one of the thoughts that linger in our minds: Is the real Tyr alive? In case you’re curious and need the answers ASAP, you may proceed to read below about The Broken Prison Favor!

Is the real Tyr alive?

Well, this type of question most of the time has a connected Side Quest in God of War: Ragnarok. Knowing whether the real Tyr is alive or dead is not an exception. Without any more segues, here’s The Broken Prison Favor, and a way to find out whether or not the real Tyr is alive!

  • If you accomplish the whole main story of the game, you can unlock this Favor.
  • Players can trigger the Favor upon discovery of the Aesir Prison Wreckage region. This area should be located in Niflheim, near The Raven Tree.

The Broken Prison Favor 1

  • When you reach the area, you can unlock a few Chest rewards like a Legendary Chest and a Nornir Chest, respectively.

The Broken Prison Favor

You can trigger this Favor when you reach The Raven Tree area. Make sure to pay Niflheim a visit once you get through Ragnarok and it’s just Kratos, Mimir, and Freya cruising through the remaining realms in God of War.

The side quest is automatically triggered as soon as Mimir notices a newly-opened path to your left after arriving at The Raven Tree.

The Broken Prison Favor 2

Explore the new path

  • Jump over the gap and explore the new path. There would be colorful streaks around when you run through the bridge.

The Broken Prison Favor 3

  • Surprisingly, this new bridge leads to the Aesir Prison Wreckage. When you reach the edge of the platform, go down until you reach the prison.

The Broken Prison Favor 4

Search the prison

  • The Broken Prison Favor typically revolves around the Aesir Prison Wreckage only. You should head inside the prison. However, beware of Einjerhar who survived Ragnarok! You have to deal with these Aesir warriors first before you can progress in the prison. Move right after clearing the area.

Is the real Tyr alive 5

  • There should be a spot where you can throw a Draupnir Spear. Using the Spear in the wall, you can climb down by swinging your way to the lower level. Beware of Einjerhar forces when you reach the next level though!

Is the real Tyr alive 6

The lower floor

  • Once you clear out the Einjerhar, there should be a chain that you can pull to lower the bar. You can use this to go down another floor. However, be mindful of your surroundings, a few enemies lurk around the prison still.

Is the real Tyr alive 7

  • Do check a cell in the second lower level. It would be just behind you after lowering the chain. Interact with the gate, and when you open it, there should be a Dwarf corpse inside.

Is the real Tyr alive 8

Jump to the second lower floor

  • Again, use the Draupnir Spear attached to the wall as a way to go down a level. Now you should be on the second lower floor. There should be other Einjerhar warriors waiting for you, so be ready to battle!

Is the real Tyr alive 9

  • Check the first cell just behind the chain again. Although on this floor you can find an Elf corpse inside the cell. What did Odin do to these poor souls?

Is the real Tyr alive 10

  • There should be another (the second) cell you can find on this floor. We’re warning you though, be careful as this prisoner would battle you. Ready your weapon and skills!

11 God of War: Ragnarok elf fight

Find a broken room

  • On the same floor, you may want to find and head inside a broken room. It should be located in a corner of that second lower level. An Elf will attack Kratos so take care of the enemy before looking around the room.
  • Look up to see a spot of an unbreakable wall. Use Kratos’ Blades of Chaos to grapple and break the wall for your way up.

11 God of War: Ragnarok breakable wall

  • You should head back down once again. You’ll be needing that way later, so let’s keep going for this Broken Prison Favor.

Move to another lower level

  • With the use of your Draupnir Spear, find a wall crack once again on another bar. Head to the side of the first stuck Draupnir Spear to find a wall crack across. Use this to head to another lower level.

13 God of War: Ragnarok spear

  • A couple of enemies covered in Frost welcome Kratos and his Companion when they reach the third lower level. Take them all down to continue exploring the floor and finish this Side Quest.

14 God of War: Ragnarok enemies

  • In one of the cells, Kratos finds an imprisoned Traveller. You have to take the enemy down to progress in the Quest.

15 God of War: Ragnarok traveller

Find the real Tyr

  • Kratos and his Companion must reach the lowest level to find the real Tyr. In one of the cells on the floor, there should be a familiar being imprisoned.

16 The Broken Prison Favor God of War: Ragnarok

  • You should open this gate, and now the question pops, “is the real Tyr alive?” In The Broken Prison Favor, you would have to converse with Tyr once you open the gate. It is safe to say that Tyr is surely alive, however, how can we make sure that this is the real Tyr?

16 The Broken Prison Favor God of War: Ragnarok

  • After finding Tyr in the cell and conversing with him, the Broken Prison Favor can be now marked completed. You can return up on the surface.

17 God of War: Ragnarok The Broken Prison Favor

  • You can hear the characters speaking about Odin’s imprisoned beings. They are thinking about how Odin uses the form of imprisoned beings.

The Nornir Chest

  • You have to open the Nornir Chest, right? You can notice a seal on the prison cell’s window pane. However, there’s a Dark Elf imprisoned in it. Deal with the enemy first to continue The Broken Prison Favor. Break the seal and find the two more to unlock the Nornir.

Nornir Chest seal 1

Second seal

  • Once you break the first seal, you’d like to find the gate that would bring you to the main area. Beside it (before opening and entering), there should be a seal on its front on the left side.

Nornir Chest seal 2

The last seal

  • Easily, when you look in the middle of the area you’ve been jumping over per level, you’ll see the last. You can break the third and last seal placed in the middle of the lower level.

Nornir Chest seal 3

  • You can now open the Nornir Chest. Retrieve an Idunn Apple once you unlock the Chest!

Nornir Chest rewards The Broken Prison Favor

The Legendary Chest

  • Once the last seal’s broken, head back up the prison. Pass thru the unlocked gate to reach the Spear. Make sure to adjust the Spears you use to jump from level to level and have both of them at the very top. This will be your way to get to the closed-off area where there is a Chest waiting to be opened.
  • Peek at the two bars at the top, you can swing your way up to reach the Legendary Chest. Retrieve the Accessory Nocked Proficiency from the Chest, and notice a Relic on its left side laid on the floor. Pick it up and receive a Motsognir’s Call.

Legendary Chest 1 The Broken Prison Favor

Well, it’s up to you to believe if he’s the real Tyr or the Odin Tyr. What do you think?

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