God of War: Ragnarok is upon us, looking like a masterpiece and a likely Game of the Year candidate. Those who want to expand their collection aside from the game may want to look at physical collectibles. One popular option to display at your home is a Kratos Funko Pop! Fortunately, you’ll still see some Kratos and Atreus pops available in the open market.

When looking at Kratos, the closest thing we have to the Ragnarok version of him is the Glow in the Dark Kratos with Blades of Chaos. It’s number 154 and was released initially as a Gamestop exclusive before spreading internationally.

A more expensive option would be the God of War pop depicting him with the axe. It is number 269 and fetches a higher price because of its rarity. There’s also a version of this pop that you can buy alongside Atreus. Finally, one of the most expensive versions of him would be the original trilogy pop number 25, depicting him in Poseidon’s Rage mode. New York Comic Con 2015 was when it first appeared on shelves.

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Finding the rarer pops will take time and effort, but there are several places to get him reliably. For the Blades of Chaos version, check these websites:


eBay is one of the most reliable websites to search when you’re looking for rarer pops. You’ll find a lot of dedicated sellers here, from collectors to merchants that purchase lots. Eventually, you’ll find a listing of Kratos Funko pops or an auction you can bid. The key is to have a regular schedule to check on the site, so you know when a new Kratos pops up. Be wary of China sellers as they may not be legitimate.


Hobby DB is an online marketplace dedicated to specific toy lines, though one of the most popular ones sold here is Funko. You can find collectors from all around the world and shops posting their stuff for sale. A Gamestop Exclusive Blades of Chaos one is listed here and open for offers. You must check to see if the store has them in stock.


There might be a GameStop near you that has Kratos Funko Pop in stock. They’re also known to sell many PlayStation and superhero Funko pops you may want to add to your collection. Alternatively, they have an online website where you can order the Gamestop exclusive as long as it is still in stock. Since the Blades of Chaos is a new release (2021), there’s a good chance it’s still there.


Amazon is another place where people and businesses sell their Funko Pops. It can be a little more expensive, and there is more competition here due to the volume of buyers. However, it’s not impossible to find a deal here, especially during sales season. It’s worth spending some time looking here too.

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